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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mad Hatter


Have you heard about the Queen Elizabeth II Cup where glamour and excitement reigns? It's happening at our very own racecourse next Friday. For $60, you get admission, buffet dinner, free flow of alcohol, lucky draw AND goodie bag.

Sounds like a splendid date idea!

When lived in Australia, the races is a big affair where ladies dress to the nines with gloves and hats while the men wear waistcoats and top hats. I didn't attend a race in Australia though but now i get a chance to, in Singapore!

It's tradition to wear a hat to the races. The bigger the better to block out the sun and to block out people (i'm kidding!) but the more attention grabbing your hat is, the more the media will fawn over the fashion elite.
However, in Singapore, our climate is different so here's some tips to prevent being a faux pas!

Simple classy hats will suit our weather but still fulfill the tradition and block out the sun/ people (if you wish).

But bless Turf Club, for their Queen Elizabeth II Cup is in the evening on a Friday which means it'll be cooler so more daring hats are possible!

If you're wearing a loud hat, then be sure to dress in block colours so that the details of the hats will stand out and won't look top heavy. Cream/nude colours are trendy now, chic and sleek!

I'll be designing my own hat for this occasion, encouraged by Turf Club!

For more details about the event, click
There are also luck draw prizes that are pretty enticing, other than the free flow alcohol, buffet, race AND goodie bag (first 1000).

Lady Luck Draw
1st prize: Gucci Wallet + Horseshoe Charm + $1000 cash
2nd prize: Burberry Wristlet + Horseshoe charm + $500 cash
3rd prize: Kate Spade Tote + $200 cash 

Email if you wish to purchase tickets ($60/$80) to this race or join my mailing list to be picked as a winner (1 ticket only)!


Anonymous said...

i am already in the mailing lists. ..does that mean i don't have a chance to win?

Xtine said...

Definitely not! You still get a chance to win. I pick randomly from the entire list so regardless of when you join, you'll always stand a chance whenever i do a draw!

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