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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Naughty Moi

Look! I'm drinking IN THE TRAIN! Read what type of Singaporean i am.
It promises a fantastic natural feeling.

Peeling off the tab, the drink is packaged in paper & not the usual tin can. I took a whiff, there is a faint smell of smoked smoke, if you know what i mean.

Can it really be Cannabis, the forbidden plant?

This IS Europe afterall, where things banned in Singapore are permissed & a chance to be alittle naughty (strip clubs, porn magazines, chewing gum...)

I took a sip.

Its cooling, sweet, lemony with an after-taste of as if having just kissed a smoker.

I'm feeling high.....because the towering Swiss Alps surround me.
I'm talking to dogs...because i'm lonely.
I'm feeling faint..because of hunger (i refuse to eat another baguette, where's my bak chor mee!)
I tried to knive the cashier with this meancing chocolate Swiss knife.
The Cannabis tea did give me a fantastic natural feeling...freedom to drink in the MRT.
The ingredients include hemp, a distant cousin of cannabis, a very diluted cousin.

The taste was imagined. Honestle? It's tasted just like ICE tea.


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