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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ChickenLand, the latest Joint.

The chicken has finally landed.

I first sank my teeth into the succulent leg, breast and thigh in Australia. It was love at first bite, and I'm not from Twilight.

Before returning to Singapore for good in 2008, i made sure to buy bottles and bottles of Peri Peri, stocking up for hungry times.
In 2010, the Chicken landed in Singapore and these precious sauce is available for sale at their outlets at a whooping $5.90 only! You can use it to marinate wings for bbq, and pretty much dipping sauce for ANYTHING else (like how Singaporeans never go overseas without chilli sauce).

I used to frequently walk past this South African restaurant in Little India and i thought to myself, "it's a cuisine unheard and uncommon in Singapore. This, i got to try." Knowing my acquired taste for trying new foods and curiosity of a cat that took me to swallowing sperm, chewing on snakes, munching on witchery grubs (big fat maggots), finding no enjoyment in whale burgers (stop eating, stop whaling!) and stomaching new born baby eels.

Alas, i never did try that restaurant in Little India. It was too cold and unpopulated for my liking. I was worried that my money would go to waste. Never did i know that Nandos is also from South Africa! You can never go wrong with Nandos.

Nandos was originally Chickenland, a small Portuguese restaurant in downtown Johannesburg. Chickenland is re-created in their latest new outlet in Tampines Mall.

Curious new chicks or repeat chicks gather, hungry to taste the juicy feed. It's worth the wait, chicken feet!
Inside, warm colours and natural woods, a signature of all Nando's outlets. I must say the in-restaurant experience is so different from Australia's! In Australia, it is more of a grab-and-go outlet. Here, it's a complete dining experience.
Humans and chicken dine in harmony!
At Chickenland, humans serve chickens.
A family and large group friendly place, Nando's offers Peri generous sharing meals for a flaming good time. After all, it's more fun laughing at each other's red face when faced with the Peri Challenge! Nothing more satisfying than seeing the reaction of a Nando's virgin having his or her first Nando's experi-perience.
Hot Chicks is all about Four Play. A celebration for 4 @ $68.80.
At larger servings, celebration for 6 ($98.80) as well as 2 ($38.80) is also available.
For the health conscious, you'll be pleased to know that Nando's marinade and basting sauces are made from 100% natural ingredients. No perservatives, no added MSG and no added flavourants or colourants. Thus the Peri Peri sauce in a bottle is also suitable for vegetarians!

The chickens are also never deep-friend, never frozen with excess fat trimmed! You can also request for chicken skin to be removed. You just need to eat heartily,chicken feet! Tampines Mall's outlet sport an open kitchen, so you can spot check them to see that they are grilling yours to perfection.
Say "No" to fried chicken!
Also different from the outlets in Australia, the Singapore ones provide much more variety. Not only does the sharing meals come with chicken, salads (my favourite is the 3 bean salad), grilled corn, buttered Mediterranean rice and other dishes, they also have...
The Espetada $24.90. Tender peices of marinated chicken thighs and fresh peppers,
flame-grilled and served on a skewer, with your choice of 2 sidelines.
In case it gets too Peri hot, here're designer drinks to help.

From left to right, Citrus Bliss, a divinely refreshing beverage combining mint syrup, grapefruit juice and Sprite, coupled with fresh mint leaves.

Madeira Red, a sweet fizzy pomegranate lemondae made with Sprite and finished with a deliciously sugary rim.

And Refresh Mint, a perfect blend of mint syrup, Sprite, and fresh lime juice. All $4.90 each.

To be honest, they were too sweet for me so i am glad to know they serve tap water! All the more reason to Peri on!

Soon in a few weeks time, Katong chicks can look forward to a new outlet offering exclusive Breakfast menu and opening hours extended till 1am from Sundays to Thursdays, and till 3am on Friday and Staurday. For all the late night fowls! Special snack and beverage menu will be served during the extended hours, this i got to try.

I'm Peri addicted. Nando's, you blow my mind.
For full menu and locations,

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