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Friday, December 16, 2011

Who are you calling Chicken? Take a stand. Vote!

Over at Chickenland, the nation is engaged in an election campaign to hunt for Singapore's favourite Peri-Peri flavour. The contenders are Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot and Exta Hot. A huge voting contest running from 1 Dec to 31 Jan 2012 will decide which Peri Peri flavour ranks highest among Singapore diners. 

Cast your vote at any of the five Nando's outlets when you dine in.

Another designer drink.
Crimson Cola infused with sweet and punchy pomegranate that enhance Coca-Cola's caramel notes
and garnished with pop-in-mouth pomegranate pips. $4.90.
A filling dish and good to share, if you must have rice on the table as an Asian!
Cataplana, chicken strips basted in Peri Peri, peppers, ripe tomatoes on a bed of Spice Rice and trapped in a traditional copper dish waiting to be opened. Recommended! $19.90.
The above rice dish comes in the space ship looking like thing in the background.
But otherwise, Peri Peri flames my fire!
Highly recommended 1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines @ $14.90.
I can eat this again and again.
If you noticed that my pictures, the colour red is singled out by my Canon Powershot. This demonstrates the goodness of Peri Peri. My face lights up and i break out into a healthy sweat as i eat. Belonging to the chilli family, the unique blend at Nando's is a combinaion of the African Bird's Eye Chilli with special herbs, spices, lemon and a touch of garlic.

Containing a high level of Vitamin C, A and effective anti-oxidants and decongestant. It is also rumoured to be a great aphrodisiac! It's a first date location, ok third. Sets your lips on fire & then maybe melt together ;p
Take a stand, be a man. Vote online and win instant prizes that include 1,000 full chickens amongst other prizes.

At the end of the voting period, 100 lucky voters (who can each bring 2 friends) of the winning flavour will be invited to participate in a specially themed Nando's party that is guaranteed to raise the Peri-o-meter temperature even further!

Watch out for the hot chicks on the street activation too! Say Peri Peri, i vote EXTRA HOT.

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