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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Truth about Advertising.

Advertising takes place everywhere. The history of advertising begins out-of-home with Egyptians using thick paper as wall posters. Rock or wall painting was also common. Then it starts invading our homes with television commercials, magazines and direct mailers. We can't escape advertising anymore, even rubbish bins will be used. Needless to say, Facebook cashes in on their social networking site, touted as the third largest nation if it was a country. 

Anybody can buy an ad space on Facebook and you only pay per click or impression. You can target ads according to demographics and interests, which makes it really effective and reasonable for small business and singles.

Spotted last month, an innovative singles ad caught my eye. It was actually on my friend's account and she is 22. I guess she falls into Bill's target audience as he manually sets ad parameters. 

Honestly, it raised some chuckles but i must applaud Bill for his bravery and creativity. Somewhere on his page, he mentioned that this was a prank done by his friends but now his friends are jealous that he is gaining lady attention. $0.30 for each like he got, his bill is now only $16.50, cheaper than a date!

One of the first type of ads seen in Facebook, i am sure there'll be more to come. Facebook can now use Bill as a case study if he succeeds. Unfortunately, last i checked since the screen grabs taken a month earlier, his likes still stays at 55.

Speaking of advertising, i went to Orgasm Inc. One of the last few shows screening at Sinema before it closes.
Located behind The Cathay, you climb some 142 steps before arriving at Mt Sophia. By the time you reach the top, you are wheezing like an orgasm.
Quaint and shabby. Its a hidden gem location near town! Second floor is the theatre (like a elaborate home theatre), the first time i was there, i thought Sinema reminds me of Yang Tze, the Chinatown cinema that screens soft porn.
So, Orgasm Inc is a documentary about filmmaker Liz Canner who exposes medical companies who take advantage of the insecurity of women (and potentially endanger their health) in pursuit of billion dollar profits. To be honest, i haven't seen a really exciting documentary other than Animal Planet, but surely all documentaries especially those of humanity brings forth thought.

However, the highlight of the evening for me was the pre-screening FREE SEX workshop by Dr Martha Lee. It was amusing to observe the attendees, to experience how a sex workshop was conducted and to meet a sexologist in person. That career choice certainly piques interests!

The hall was pretty empty except for 11 couples, 2 of whom are Caucasians and 3 inter race (ang mohs and their spgs). There were 6 pairs of girls (including myself and friend), 3 women (Wah, so brave) and 2 men who came alone. I counted because i thought the statistics made a statement. Girls are hungry for information and not abashed to seek knowledge.

Dr Lee stepped up on stage barefooted and apologized for the lack of shoes as she was afraid of falling. I looked at my friend and raised my eyebrow. A bespectacled woman, dressed in a frumpy floral dress in a dull colour, she sat on a high stool with her shoulders hunched and she looked at the floor as she spoke. My other eyebrow raised, bewildered. I did not expect a meek woman who choose sex as a profession to portray such an image. I would expect ego larger than a watermelon and alluring confidence like a Hollywood sex pot.

I caught rather unflattering images of Dr Lee but with due respect, i don't think i should upload them. It was unanimous that we were appalled at the unveiling of a real sexologist yet was refreshing that our preconceived image was challenged.

I whispered to my  girlfriend and asked if she would take a hot sexologist more seriously or a plain Jane more seriously. Without second thought, she replied "hot!" I later discoursed with my male friend and he thought that it's usually the plain Jane who is better in bed because she would be more eager to please. Although he said he'll take a hot one more seriously. But i saw a glint of cheekiness in his eye, i knew what he was thinking.

As minutes passed, Dr Lee got over her stage fright and started awkward discussions like "what's an orgasm". I suppose her forte is in intimate private consultations and thus she fails at public speaking. I expected a session packed with information and useful tips but Dr Lee took the approach of a discussion. Which i felt was inappropriate for conservative shy Singaporeans. Dr Lee then took the lead by sharing her own orgasm and experiencing her first. She felt the tingling sensation when she was 3. Her sister discovered it by accident and she set out on a race to beat her sister. Later in school, she let on that she was the ugliest girl and thus masturbated alot. My amusement just could not get any better.

The handful participants warmed up only towards the end of the session.
Dr Lee was trying to drive home a point that you are not abnormal if you do not experience a female orgasm via intercourse. This was what the medical companies were trying to hypnotize women to feel and thus deluding them that they are dysfunctional and therefore needs to be treated with pills. And the money making machine starts.

She explains that most women experience orgasm with clitoral stimulation easier and better. A men's ejaculation may not mean an orgasm. The science behind an orgasm is really dumb-founding.

She then ended the session by getting us up on our feet and doing keggel exercises. This tightens a woman's vagina and delays a man's ejaculation. She then hands out a 15% discount coupon to an adult store.
 Later, it was a full house at the screening of Orgasm Inc. I suspect it's because of the Groupon offering where deal hunting Singaporeans bought the tickets without really know why they did it.

Radio DJs Shan and Roz interviewed Dr Martha Lee before, if you want to know more about her profession.

Otherwise, let me visit the little girl's room to experience my own orgasm!


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