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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MRT Diary 1.3

25 March 2011

I never had a thing for men with long hair but this one with a warm shade of brown hair that tickled his shirt collar caught my eye on the train. It is wavy and smartly sleeked back with gel. He reminds me of an Italian mafia, one that is not balding. He isn't particularly good looking, but just another Caucasian expat in his 40s.

A pressed white shirt with a stiff collar, grey linen pants with polished leather shoes, the entire package certainly packs an oomph. His watch wasn't a show-off Panerai or Patek Philippe but instead a delicate thin one with a certain old charm was strapped to his wrist. 

Just when he couldn't impress me any further with his image, he pulled out his thick chunky.............


It was black like a Mont Blanc, but what made it stand out were the gold engraved dragons that wrapped round its body. In reality, i wouldn't marry a bad boy but in fantasy, the 古惑仔, the sicilian mafia or the yakuza do set some passions running high. There's something about self righteousness that is a turn on.

Oh, i would even overlook the extremely hairy arms this man on the train has.

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