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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Girls gone Wow.

It has been in my nature to hang out with boys more than girls due to my childhood of martial arts.
I was a tom boy and i loathe wearing skirts.
I was a tom boy and i fought in sandboxes.
I was a tom boy and i won medals.
My father believed that learning martial arts will be an advantage in safe Singapore, so i joined Judo and Takewando. It was a time of my life filled with handsome boys, fun memories and lesbians buying me presents.
Boys and tom boys were all i hung out with. They nicknamed me the Lizard ( it's true that boys who make fun of you likes you) because i was skinny like one.
I even enrolled classmates for soccer competitions (champions we were). That's how much of a boy i am. Lacking female companionship, my mum taught me sanitary pads but not shaving.
At 14, I represented Singapore in Judo overseas. I spotted the very intelligient JC boys going into a Thai massage parlour. So i tagged along, wanting to be one of the boys.
I wanted to be seen as a girl. I wanted to be pretty, feminine and less geeky. I had my hair braided (it made me look stupid, not girlie).
I never did outgrow the tomboy phase. I was still very much into the martial arts scene, even as a woman.
Cuts, bruises, scars, war wounds, i have them all. Boo hoo hoo, i can never be a beauty queen.

Then came MUSEE CRYSTAL TOKYO to save girls like me.
A Japanese brand, it's a one stop shop for hair removal, facial/body treatments, nails and eyelash extentions. It is a no frills shop (minimal furniture & brightly lit) with advance technology and methods that only gives you the best results. They all hail, from Japan afterall. Legendary perfection.
Helmed by the Japanese, they invited me for a review on their nail gels and eyelash extentions. For a long while, i had been adament to getting them on semi-permanent. I've heard horror stories of your natural lashes dropping (my natural ones are pretty long already) and the undesirable impact it has on your usual lifestyle.

However, i took a shot with MUSEE. Afterall, i was rejected at a hair salon in Tokyo JUST BECAUSE i didn't speak Japanese and they were afraid i wouldn't be satisfied with my hairdo due to a miscommunication. That's how serious they took their service and how perfect they want to be. And because MUSEE is an authentic bona fide Japanese outlet, i took a chance.
Manicures never last more than 10 minutes with me. I am never patient with waiting for it to dry fully, i am never gentle when handling zips or anything. The paint chips the minute i step out or slip on my shoes, my heart falls as $40 goes down the drain. I tried wearing gloves as i type the keyboard, in hope to make my manicure last longer. Not only did that not help, my colleagues laugh at me for being a durian seller. That's what nail gels are for. For tomboys like me. It starts at $80, and it lasts at the least, a month. I am now in my second week and it's still there, as perfect it can be.
Pretty nails to act kawaii. Tomboys need that to remind people she is a girl, and she can act cute.
Or to act evil but never look evil because of pretty nails
Even digging your nose don't look disgusting with pretty nails.
The nails took only 30 minutes, the price goes into the expensive products and immaculate method/ artwork/ manicurist's concentration. Do not expect the cuticle cutting or hand massage like the normal manicures do. Hand massages are omitted because the oil keeps the gel from setting.  

Next, I nestled into a very comfortable reclining chair for my semi permanent eyelash extentions.
It looked like eye surgery, but it was completely painless with no discomfort at all. You can take that 2 hours to nap, or bring a girlfriend to chat (no boys allowed). I had a very animated chat with lovely Shiomi san, there really IS school girl's saliva for sale in Japan.
I could not wait to open my eyes after 2 hours to look in the mirror. Being the tomboy that i am, i am not diligent with caring for the extentions. I wash my face (water is not meant to touch your eyelash) and perspire (in sports) as per normal. It's the 4th day now (meant to last at least a month), none of my real lashes have fall out. They feel so lightweight, soft and natural. I had to convince myself they were not real!

The only difference now is no matter how ugly i make my face, i can't be ugly!

These eyelash extentions really make such a BIG difference to your look (with big eyes). Putting on and removing contact lenses were abit of a problem in the beginning, but you'll get used to it. Washing your face gently and taking care not to rub your eyes also need some getting used to. Hot yoga, which i do regularly was abit uncomfortable on the eye (but that's probably because i was paranoid of spoiling the lovely lashes).

However, the results of having these semi permanent lashes is worth 100% of it!

For a limited period, the first 10 readers who quote my blog gets a full size facial product ($35-$80)when you visit MUSEE for a service.
I chose Natural (cute,sexy,dramatic) and customized the length & thickness.
Starts from $120. 50% off on the first touch-up.
Now with semi-permanent brows and lashes, there's no need for make-up anymore. Wake up beautiful, be a girl gone Wow.

Plaza Singapura #04-08C
Tel: 68843500

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About Us said...

Hi, stumbled across your blog from, and grateful I did! I'm impressed. Well written and extensive, and witty too. Slowly working my way through your archives - which may take me a while! Anyway just want to say thanks - always nice to come across an individual who writes well, has something interesting to say, and isn't afraid to express themselves.

Estelle Kiora said...

What a good advertorial! Haha I love this tomboy to pretty nails + eyelashes transformation concept. Well put-together :)

Xtine said...

no, thank YOU for bothering to leave a comment :)

you both.

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