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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let the Bullets Fly

Reading the sypnosis, i haven't had a clue what this movie was about. Being a typical yao gui Singaporean, i took the tickets anyway. Boy was i PLEASANTLY SURPRISED and EXTREMELY ENTERTAINED with the movie.

There're some Chinese film titles worth mentioning and this is one of them.
Set in the republic era, i found this to be a Chinese version of the classic Robin Hood tale. Except it has a huge twist and a proud Chinese flavour added to it.

Watching Let the Bullets Fly made me realise a few things:

1) Chow Yun Fat is still King
Ah Fat has come a long way in acting. At times, Li Nanxing reminds me of him. Missing from the scene for a long while, Ah Fat makes a comeback in cinema with an astounding performance. He is older and he is Fat (ter).

2) Stephan Chow's Slapstick Humour is Passe
With excellent writing and dialogue, it made me chuckle at many points.

3) Chinese are good with Cheeky Humour
There need not be nudity nor crude jokes,  still you got the underlying meanings and tastefully done.

4) Lead Actors ALWAYS win the hearts of Female Audiences
He wasn't good looking, neither did he have six pecs. Still, i find myself gravitating towards him. His righteous portrayal was secondary, it was the uniform that had me fantasizing.

5) There's a way to wear a Mustache
The man on the left looks like a dirty old man, the one in the middle looks like a treacherous businessman and the one on the right? A bandit.

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