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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Verdict of the Rock Melon.

While shopping for my Nu Bra, the Auntie mentioned that my left is bigger than the right. For a moment, i wondered was it because i only used the left ear phone and kept the right free for human speeches in the office?

Of course not. That was a joke. I all along knew left will be slightly bigger than the right, because our heart is on the left, thus more muscle=more pumped up. After listening to the MP3 for 10 days straight, it was training for my determination and perserverance. I wanted to give up many times.

I can tell you now, that IT DOESN'T WORK. Although i think it does have some effects on my hormones, because i felt nauseous and giddy (signs of a pregnant woman?). It felt like my breasts were swelling too, filling up with milk for the imaginary baby. But all that could just be in my brain, Rock Melon seem to have the same mechanics of Satanic music.

If Rock Melon does work, i doubt you can stop after 10 days. You will have to listen to it FOR LIFE. How else will your body keep thinking that your breasts will need milk then? Once you stop listening to a baby's cry, your body will stop producing milk. Once a baby stops feeding, the mother stops producing.

50% of me wasn't convinced that this is a hoax. Perhaps i heard it wrongly. Perhaps i shouldn't take breaks in between the head splitting ringtone. Perhaps i should put in on loop 20 times instead of 10.

With strict measurements, my bust didn't increase. However, visually in the mirror, it looked like it did.

Oh, but maybe that's because of my tan. That's right, a tan line gives you an illusion of a cleavage.


Daryl said...

since this article was about 5 months ago. do u feel any side effects from that session of listening to the 'song'?

and did you or your friends give it another try?

Xtine said...

I vaguely remember feeling nauseous (maybe the ringtone made me feel i am pregnant?) Pregnant = bigger boobs right...

my friend got a headache.

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