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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Some time back, i brought a group of marginalized individuals to an intellectually disabled home to do community service. I was heartened to see them turn up at 8.30AM on a Sunday morning to volunteer.

There was an old man who walks with a slight limp, he carries a cloth bag, he hardly understands English (which most of the briefing is done in), he knows no one there, and is disfigured with a cleft in his head from an accident. Even he, came to volunteer.

As I entered the home, i saw many elderly who were either abandoned because they were mentally ill or are without any family. What i witnessed was a group of 8 people selected to sit in a circle, they were "special" because they are more responsive than others. So they were privileged to sit in a circle and PASS A BALL AROUND. When we arrived, many were delighted to see visitors that are rare because of their plight. They kept asking if we're here to play with them. Some even did a little jiggle and danced with joy, literally. 

So we played games designed for three year olds with these adults. Some were capable of carrying somewhat intelligent conversations with you, telling you the history of Singapore, telling you their history.
Lining up this street in Buangkok, there are different homes for the destitute. I saw this old man in a wheelchair, sitting there looking forlorn and out at the main road. At that instant, i felt like running over and giving him a hug. I felt like telling him the world still cares. I feel ashamed that feelings like this is fleeting, i want to do more. I want to show the world i can love. 

Here's a clip from a sermon. It doesn't matter if you're not a Christ believer,it's pretty generic and the African pastor is cheeky. Also, it's in the context of Singapore. Continue on to Part 2 if you like it. 

It's a reminder about lessons in life.

Find a cause you feel passionate about. Volunteering is truly chicken soup for the soul.

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