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Friday, October 1, 2010

Experiment 1.2

I didn't follow through the papaya experiement, if you remember.

1) i didn't want to get jaudice
2) there is no valid results so far (from forums)
3) every if the Taiwanese babes who swear by it, it's usually coupled with MILK (with fat, of course it equates to boobs)

Women are mostly paranoid about 2 things.
A) Weight
B) Boobs

Breasts are what makes a woman different from a man. When man have moobs, they get teased relentlessly because they look like a in-between. When women have chests flat like a runway, they also get teased for being raisins. Although the teasing stops after immature school days, under the padded bra, adult women still feel not a girl, not yet a woman.

Plastic surgery has been so rampant, affordable and accessible nowadays that everybody is doing it. Soon, i will be the new ugly.

My facial consultant told me she just got her double eyelids done at the same clinic Felicia Chin, Fann Wong, Joanne Peh etc and said it was dirt cheap ($2200). She is 35, married with one son. I asked her why did she do it (afterall, enhancing one's appearance is in hope of catching the attention of the opposite sex? Like how a peacock shows off its feathers. If she's already married, she has already "caught the attention" that will hopefully last till death.) Of course, that doesn't mean that you don't maintain your beauty after marriage via racy lingerie, grooming maintanence etc (its very important to not let lose), but to the extent of plastic surgery? She said she has always felt insecure about her single lid slant Asian eyes.

I asked her if her husband lust for her even more now. If he stares into her eyes and make love with her every night (you know how sex dwindles after marriage right). She said, "No.My husband prefers my eyes before."

So is there, really a need for plastic surgery (unless you have a car accident, breast cancer or burn)?

Back to breasts. Women who are obssessed and enlarge abit too much end up like this:

Women who don't have any, should learn from Kiera Knightley, whom without boobs remain on the list of World's Sexiest over and over again.
The 24 year old, who has nicknamed her modest breasts “pecs”, spent 45 minutes in a beautician’s chair every morning to create the illusion of cleavage for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. She says, “They painted my tits on for the films, which is extraordinary because it’s kind of a dying art form. I loved it, completely. For the first time in my life, I had tits and I didn’t even need surgery.

Photoshop of the movie poster:
Screen still of painted boobs:

I have been fortunate to be born not like an airport runway, yet not fortunate enough to be born with generous ample mammary. Let’s just say I’m good for a handful, but if you’ve larger than normal hands, I won’t be able to fill your cup.

I do have a healthy and happy body image, i am at peace with myself but i won't deny that i like tits as much as men do, if not more.

I won't go under the knife for obvious reasons, but here's something i will try (in fact, tried).

Listening to a breast enhancement ringtone, 20 times for 10 days.

And here's the ringtone. You can continue coming to my blog for daily dosage for the next 10 days. Today is day 1 for me. After listening to it for the 4th time, i start feeling queasy around my left side tummy. Is that where my womb is?

Update: Removed the embedding. Go to to download.
Turning back fat into front fat.

Let's share the results! See you after 10 days.


Jocelyn Kau said...

Where did your beautician do her eyelids!? So cheap omg.

Xtine said...

Gleneagles :)

Epi said...

seriously listening to tt can help??lol i cant stop laughing while tuning e tone..

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