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Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome to Pulau Ubin

There was an arrival hall at the jetty!! With custom checks!! For a moment, we were worried if we couldn't go because we didn't bring our passports. And the arrival hall is not some make-shift one ok, it was relatively decent. Like Batam's/Bintan's arrival hall.

There're alot of random shots, and funny expressions!

Ok, you can take some really nice pictures in Singapore too. Although this is not technically Singapore.

Beauty and beast. See the contrast. Hahaa.

We cycled for 4 hours. I wouldn't say it was chicken feet, neither would i say its a tough feat. The refreshing coconut was a real treat! What a ryhme! Haha.

We got tricked into cycling over gravel and uphill to see this "german girl's shrine". We were hoping for some ghost story behind it, and Eugene said people will leave Fillet-o-Fish there for her etc. But alas, we saw nothing when we reached the supposed X spot!

Durians were littered around the island, and i did pick one home. Yes, i carried it on my back, cycled with it. I was so afraid customs would confiscate my durian!

It was fragrant and actually tasted just like the ones you will buy along Geylang! Actually, it did cross my mind if it was 'safe' taking the durian home with me. What if it's a possessed fruit? Or a black magic durian?

Eugene, the film maker brought this ultra cool old school video camera.

Fancy the islanders being so thoughtful enough to do a makeshift loo for us visitors! Its just a square made in the floor though. And my dear brother was generous enough to grant us an audience and gave us a fountain show.

That marks my weekend, changes are coming.

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