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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flashy cars, fat wallet, good looks don't impress me.

Because i've a good pair of legs to walk, a good job that pays ok, and good looks will never last.

Good company, good fashion and good manners do however, impress me.

Good chef, and good food too. Oh, how worthy it was to hunt high and low for Dim Sake. Just when the boy was grumbling and making a fuss how i led him up and down, round and about.

And we did work up an appetite.

Xiao Long Bao shooters, cod fish with mango, abalone dumplings, lobster rolls, sashimi...

Oooh, oooh, oooh....tuna belly...a delicacy i was told.

" People avoid it because of the price."

*rooooolls eyes and looks at boy*

" Show-off! I'm not impressed with your wealth just because you're ordering it."

3 years back, we realised our number sign (if we actually believe it) is the same, so we're both very head-strong with each other. Its almost like a negative pole versus a negative pole.

But ok, he didn't want to tell me what the total bill was that night. What a total gentleman :P

The deco didn't quite impress me when i first stepped in, but slowly it grew onto me and i learnt to appreciate. Rows of dim sum bamboo trays lined the walls. The colours were stark white, sparse but the lighting was dim enough to make it cosy.

After the somewhat dinner, we went to Marriot for coffee and struddel. Oh, what a Saturday night, what a Saturday night.

On the work front, this certain artiste said i lost weight. And this certain artiste whom i see every week at recordings. And this certain artiste is so funny, humble and down-to-earth with me, i'm increasingly growing onto him. But hey, just as friends, just as friends.

Things are happier now at work, it's so nice to smile everyday. I missed the happy me, quite frankly. The guys at the other channel are starting to talk to me, and it's great knowing new people. We need to cross The Divide. Like, seriously.

I've a guardian angel at work with me! One who surprises me with sweet nothings. Someone who is so sincere, no motives, just pure concern.

I relish in these moments. Nothing fake, nothing plastic.

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