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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm snapping out of it, snapping out of you.

Oh, how i love those lines. I think my colleague's husband proposed to her here.

This is how i like to spend my Sundays. Just fooling around, after sunday service.

I've yet to satisfy my hunger for controversial shots. No, not the bedroom controversial. Maybe something that involved my Minnie Mouse costume. Again, i said not the bedroom controversial.

Somebody said my legs too toned?

Yes, i like my bags big. And yes, the photographer's favourite picture of the day. My hair over face.

Alot of narcissism here, but hey, it's displaying art. Heh.

But really, i always think the credit is to the photographer.

And its always the novices who take better pictures. Though its alot of trial and error.

We ought to try that someday.

The secret garden. And these were not posed.

I seriously was just moping and thinking about things, and he was a feet away.

The specs is in rage now?

Random picture out of the blue, i miss my Perth gang. And i HAD to go buy Haggen Daz when we sat and everyone ate Cold Rock. But i feel so cheated! Haggen Daz now charge an extra $1.20 if it comes in a cone???!!??! Since when!!!


Mister Wonky said...

hi, you may want to consider going up the DHL balloon soon. it's gonna make way for some new developments. :) i reckon you have slightly over 2 months before it closes.

Chrispy Tine said...

:P i heard that. but i also heard they're renewing the contract. But they aren't having any closing down sale are they? Haha...

Mister Wonky said...

from what i know is that they're not renewing the contract, but are looking for alternative venues. 7 storey hotel which is beside it is going to go, so i dun think the balloon will stay there. :) it's about the same price as the singapore flyer though but the balloon sure is more accessible than the ferris wheel.

Chrispy Tine said...

Mark! So you're mister wonky. How did you know about this blog? awww....i didn't know you were keeping tabs on me :P

old friend, an old friend. How u doing? i'm gonna msn u now. Hah.

Shyanne said...

nice photos!! who took??
sorry couldn't join you boating. ):

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