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Monday, July 21, 2008

Cool effects are bountiful nowadays.

But of course, the photographer counts. I look like in a snow globe, don't you think?

A new found friend that was short-lived. Oh, how we could have gone further. But there's a better future for her elsewhere, maybe i'll visit her someday. And she can introduce me to Daniel Wu...hahahahaa

How her on-screen persona is so different from reality. Humility and reality is endearing. She met me the day she left, so i guess our friendship DO count for something :P Regretted i hadn't had time to get her a farewell gift though, so gave her a CD that has her works with us. Told her that can add to her portfolio. Hahahhaa...cheapo? I think its thoughtful.

That jam behind us just lasted and lasted! 8pm, there. 4am, still there. 6am, STILL THERE.

All the guys at the same time chided me when i took this picture, " So poseur!!" Because they know i don't drink. But my hands felt empty, and i didn't know what to do/ pose! But i now know how to reject alcohol. Just say i'm allergic, and that when i drink, the police and ambulance will arrive.

I simply do not drink, and do not like to drink. But people ALWAYS then think " so not fun one." I am not boring, and i definitely do not need to drink to be fun, or to have fun. But ok, i DID try the flaming lambogini. But i was a wussy...i only slurp it up when the flame died. Hahahahahaha...i was so afraid i will catch fire! I don't want to die because of a case of misadventure ok.

We went to this VERY ATAS restaurant at The Westin. Definitely must try for its fuzion food. We had the sashimi platter, sambal tuna, some steak, tempura salad, crab rolls, SEA URCHIN siew mai and pear tempura chocolate rice pudding.

It's enjoyable being the only lady and the youngest. Everything its "Let the lady have it", "Let the lady go first", "Let the lady choose".

I don't think it will be the same if you're the ONLY guy though. You will be worked to the bones by all the ladies! is never equal.

And at Sevenatenine, we were trying to figure if Marilyn is female.

The very cool goodie bag from my friend's event that night. Never been to the clubs there, it was a rather eye-opener. Girls were in shorts, oversized tees and FLIP FLOPS!!! And they are dancing like the hottest thing in the club.

No wonder, flip flops were given in the goodie bag. Haha.

I liked this the best from the goodie bag. A necklace! Complete with a Tiffany & Co. like packaging.

It was certainly a nice weekend, to clear my mind off things. Food, shopping and partying. Simple and safe.
After all that supper, immediately my face got rounder the next day. My friend had to zoom in on this picture though, and say "Aiyooo...why you grab the horn like that!"

This montage was made entirely out of soft drink cans. Cool, as a marketer, i like to look out for ideas like these.

The famous nasi lemak, followed by cendol. Wasn't a surprise we ALL visited the bathroom right after this meal.

All worth it, all worth it.

Wakeboarding this weekend, scuba diving the next. Gaaaah.....a girl's got to do what she's got to do.

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