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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thunder Thighs

Of late, i've noticed many slim young girls having cellulite on their thighs.

I'm watching myself closely and heave a sign of relief there aren't signs....yet.

I don't know if they'll appear after i'm 30 or after childbirth but judging how slim young girls also have cellulite, i must be doing something right.

I believe it boils down to diet, pun not intended. I don't eat boiled food all the time.

I've access to female shower rooms and from my observations in a Taiwanese onsen VS a Japanese onsen, the Japanese have taut slim bodies compared to the cellulite ridden slim Chinese.

The Taiwanese's daily diet is pretty similiar to a Singaporean's, fishball noodles, char kway tiao and the likes. While the Japanese is filled with alot of raw fish & natural foods. JAL serves the best airline food, they taste unprocessed. Or i could be really biased as i love Japanese food.

I'm obsessed with natural beauty, one that is achieved with healthy eating & exercise.

Ok, i did cheat. I also slather on anti-cellulite moisturizer every night. I saw visible changes after a week of religious slathering!
Here're my eating habits, good skin & body is attainable without expensive creams (Kneipp is less than $40 at Guardians) or plastic surgery.

1. Economy Rice
Is my favourite lunch choice if i wanted rice. Otherwise, sliced fish noodles, yong tau fu or ban mian. I like jabbing at the glass window when ordering economy rice. I think the uncle gives me more instinctively because of the jabbing. Occassionally, i do give in to my craving for Hokkien prawn mee & really oily stuff. I don't count calories because i work out regularly.

2. Water, first choice of drink
I rarely take sugar drinks, in fact i can count with a hand how many times i drink sugary drinks in a week. Bubble tea is my weakness, even so, i'll order it with 0% sugar. I'll cave in to a hot cup of Milo during cold days but it'll be Milo kosong or a kopi-o.

3. Breakfast
A Singaporean breakfast is very unhealthy. Nasi lemak, roti prata, chee kuei, i've had it all. Those are on special occassions but otherwise daily, I used to take bread. I've read that flour isn't good so i now take salads and yogurt for breakfast. I had to force myself to eat salads with no dressing.

4. No fried food
It helps to be a cheapskate. If i've to pay for fried food, i wouldn't be eating it. If it's free, i'll cave in and eat. I'm no saint.

5. Junk food in moderation
I'm the least disciplined when it comes to desserts. It is impossible to stay off chocolates, ice-cream and cakes. However, i make a conscious effort to moderate intake. Ok, i lied. Being an OL (office lady), it's really hard to not snack at the desk!
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