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Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Haunts in Singapore

I have been sharing some of the awesome new places i've checked out on Instagram. Are you following yet?

The Vault @ 237 South Bridge Road
is the latest bistro bar near Chinatown. Stepping pass the super cool entrance of a heavy vault door like in bank robbery movies, level 1 is the dining area while level 2 is a bar with cool beats. It feels like one of those underground bars in London. You need to be on the guest list to enter, call 6222 5001 to enquire otherwise rock up The Vault ala bank robbery style and pretend your friends 
are already in there. 

Keep your cool.
I thought i was looking at a mirror until my friend pointed out there's no reflection.
Hounds of the Baskerville @ 24 Bali Lane
is like stepping into1904 of Sherlock Holmes. Bespoke tattooing, traditional barber and shaving services are available. They only serve men and you need to make an appointment (6299 1197) for a shave ($25)/ cut ($30). They plan to increase prices from $5-$10 in a couple of months' time.
Dressed in smart vests with slicked hair, it's part of the role-play.
There's even a Caucasian old man who looked awfully like Alfred from Batman.
Table Manners @ Changi City Point
If you live in the East, i would think Tampines Mall is super crowded if you're looking for food. I like Table Manners for its pick-and-choose lunch. For about $15, you get really quality eats.

The Library @ Keong Siak
uses a weekly code name to enter. This can be acquired via word-of-mouth (this concept doesn't stick in Singapore) or simply pop your head next door into Keong Siak Street Snacks and enquire.

Behind the facade of a very narrow book store, a spacious bar with very dim lights and painstakingly concocted alcoholic drinks awaits. It is packed every night by 10pm and you may not get a chance to enter till closing time. It is not a place for hook ups, so bring a date, go early and enjoy the experience. Food from Keong Siak Street Snacks can be ordered inside too. Expect to shell out $20 for a drink though.
The secret door, be transported.
There is ANOTHER secret within the library, other than the bar behind the walls. SMS Madam J for a viewing. I won't spoil the secret ;p

Sorry, it's blur. To make it all the more mysterious.

Keong Siak Street Snacks
serves sophisticated western street food. The fried oysters were pretty good, so is the pulled pork. It's a pretty small dining area as well and it's often filled. Not cheap.
Bar Stories @ Haji Lane
recently renovated, they now sit more than before and they serve food. Cocktails can be custom-made to your taste buds (from $24) with delicate pretty & expensive bar bites to accompany.

Parkview Square
more affectionately known as the Gotham Building to us. Because of it's impressive and intimidating facade, i always thought it is not open to public, otherwise too expensive and you'll need to spend $200 or more. I was wrong and it has a very surreal lounge inside. With a 15m high ceiling, the hand crafted Greek designs took my breath away.
You're in luck if someone orders an expensive bottle of wine. There is a "fairy" who "flies" up the 3 storey wine cellar to retrieve the bottle. The more expensive it is, the higher she "flies" and you can peep up her skirt.
The Japanese tourists
capturing the view from below on their iPads and iPhones
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