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Friday, December 18, 2009

Romance is...

Visiting Perth in May brought back memories. With my mix-mix in tow, i retraced my steps. The usual haunts, the habitual routines. Ciao Italia was one, the other was Concas Chilli Mussels. Alas, he didn't share my love for the chilli mussles (am actually NOT a fan of mussels. But the chilli mussels at Concas just makes you salivate) ESPECIALLY in winter. Then my host Vinnie can't eat seafood, so i declined their offer to accompany there to see ONLY me suckling vaginas. (Don't you think mussels look like vagina lips??)

I didn't even realise my own disappointment until we left Perth and i regretted not going for it! I was surprised at how disappointed i was because I never loved mussels THAT much. Guess Chilli Mussels at Concas was that hard to miss. I silently weeped (ok, heart weeped).

A week after returning, he surprised me with a pair of Lee Hwa's finest pearl earrings. His card wrote, " from the mussels you didn't get to eat." I was surprised he picked up my disappointment without me even expressing. Or maybe he didn't. Maybe it was just a co-incidence.

Co-incidence or not, i knew i've met my soul mate.

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