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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pre Flight preparations.

Having not seen him for almost a month (30 days only nia), i feel a need to doll up so i can look like a goddess when i arrive. Reigniting the "what a beauty" at first sight. Hahahaha. Totally bimbo i know, but you know how they say you should never let anything go loose or hanging even after marriage. I even bought Colgate mouthwash just for this trip! I don't usually like mouth washes (chemicals) nor mints (sugar), but i was abit nervous about kissing him again.

I really really admire those girls who can 24/7 dolled up. Pure vanity cultivates real discipline. But i thought it's NOT practical to be dolled up when upon arrival, i will need to hop on into a coach bus for 5 hours to the next destination! It is going to be rough ride into the late night hours.I wanted my skin to breathe.

So i just slap on some moisturizer/sun screen, draw my eyebrows and mascara. That's it!

Then i slip into something comfortable and warm and put on some goddess sandles (ok, i would prefer to wear shoes so my feet are warm but sports shoes always make u frumpy). I love big handbags, but this time i limit myself to a small one with the absolute essentials. Mouth wash (to kiss upon arrival), moisturizer, perfume( just in case the passenger next to me has BO & also to mesmerize him with my smell upon arrival), health supplements (to boost my immunity) and FRUITS! A good trick when taking budget airlines (no liquids on board) is to take some bite size fruits (i.e. grapes, berries) to moist your mouth. Try to eat discreetly though, before the airlines start to ban them too (to make more money from their trolley sales).

I'm going to KITE BOARD this weekend! Woo hooo....

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