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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cancer Questions.

Meeting the cancer researcher last Sunday was the greatest thing! I can now field my queries to someone i can "trust" rather than be reading all these news reports that you're not sure if its just propaganda or empty scares.

Many years back, i was going out with this very eligibile friend. As i got to know him better, i got to know his family has a history of cancer. Bad ass history. Almost all his uncle and aunts have it, his grandfather died from it. His parents (fortunately or not) do not have it. Yet they do not have insurance because premiums are high due to the family history. I heard cancer can skip generations. Therefore if his granddad had it, and his parents don't have it, he might get it. My future husband MIGHT have cancer!

After considering all these factors, i decided not to develop anything more. Other than the fact that, there were other changes that made us drifted. I felt selfish, i felt shallow. Then i realised, i was just animalistic. Instinctly, i AM looking for the fittest of the lot to mate with. It's just weird yet very intriguing how basic instincts kick in. Yet i wonder if it is JUST me.

So with the cancer researcher, i verified that cancer IS hereditary and it can skip generations. In fact, smoking is in fact the cause of less than half of the cause for cancer.

With my own discovery of how animalistic i was, i started asking if men would consider not being with a woman with implants because implants are a likely cause of cancer. Therefore your future wife MIGHT have cancer and bring the curse into the family blood.

Nonethless, i believe in marriage. It's for better, for worse. Till death do us part.

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