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Friday, September 25, 2009


Genting hasn't changed since i last went there 13 years ago! Like kids again, we excitedly analyzed and strategised which ride to conquer first.

I LOVE the weather up there. I think everyone does.Eating hot cup corn in the chilling weather while queuing up for rides was simply divine. Ok, not the queuing up part. We love the Tower of Terror. The one that goes 9 storeys up and drops down unexpectedly. Somehow, we managed to jump queue ( i was SO AFRAID i would get stoned) but thank God we did. Because it rained shortly after. Imagine queuing all the way till its almost your turn then *plop plop.....rooooooar.....shiiiiiiiiish.........*

I regret not buying that photo they took of us when we were high up though. His expression was priceless :P But $15 was very pricey for a photograph. I guess that's how theme parks make more money.

Anybody who sees this museum ought to pay it a visit. It costs SGD 15 for the museum AND the haunted house.The haunted house is not quite worth going (more neon 3D effects than real stuff). But the one in Pattaya, Thailand is. The museum is 90% similar to the one in Pattaya, which is why i encouraged him to see and i wouldn't mind seeing them again too.

Inside, you find interesting facts like this. And...

shrunken heads!When i first saw this in Thailand, i was spooked out. I thought it was REAL. But seeing another one here in Genting, i kinda suspect they're all replicates.

All i all, i didn't get to shop nor eat as much as i planned too. I bought nothing! But it was good to get away for the weekend. Away from work stress. We walked around alot. He had some new experiences with herbal jelly and theme parks.

Travel Tip: We stayed at Orchid Inn that is only RM 88 a night for 2. It's very conviniently beside Times Square, Imbiah Station. Going up to Genting costs only RM 10 for the Genting Highway bus from KL Sentral Station. We bought the package that includes the outdoor theme park pass + cable car + bus for RM 35.

Oh! And Krispy Kreme is CLOSER than we thought!! They have it in KL's Time Square. Yipee!! I only had 2, i used my last RM 5 :P

I love holidays!! Going to Japan AGAIN!!! But that's next year. Hahaha. I can't wait. Darwin first, i need to go apply leave. Ta ta!

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Anonymous said...

The shrunken heads at Ripley's are all 100% real! Robert Ripley had the largest collection in the world. Each one is different (since they were different people obviously)

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