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Monday, September 14, 2009


Stop and stare...
One foot long chilli chicken sausage that the waitress promises to be "very nice!" It's just another sausage that costs $13 and looks like dung.
I love their Skinny Pizzas though. Wild Truffle Mushroom is my favourite. Pity Suntec City's outlet didn't have the sweet potato fritters (was looking forward to that one). Their apple cider which has 2% alcohol tastes like beer to me. My friend noticed that they put grass with every dish. I was telling him i chose this place because i felt really unhealthy the past week having consumed zero vegetables. So he said, "there you go, you get your grass!"
I did get to have a taste of their weird ice-cream flavours though. They have Mexican Chilli, Truffle Mushroom and Parmesan Cheese. I would say only the Parmesan flavour is the most edible.Mushroom just taste weird, they even have mushroom bits like the Campbell soup!Mexican Chilli was just horrendous for the throat. I won't bank my money on a scoop of their ice-cream. Max Berner, which was a wiser choice for desert at the Esplanade was heavenly. So empty, so quiet, smells so good.
Now, if you watch the above youtube clip, i would say you've already watched 15% of the show. It was very light-hearted and cute. People were roaring with laughter, especially the children and the Aunties. I don't get it, why are Aunties SO EASILY TICKLED? I wonder if they were like that when they were younger. Laughing at anything and everything. I sat beside an Auntie, that's why. And i knew if my mum had been there, she would be reacting THE SAME WAY.

How appropriate, that i caught this with my takewando friend. Who else, would otherwise be interested? Haha.

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