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Monday, September 14, 2009

Church Camp

Watching Jump! reminded me of our church camps. We always have some sort of talent show as a finale. And i remember winning the Best Actress Award ( i really really don't know how! I can't lie for nuts!) We would do all sorts of stupid acts like Jump! This camp was ONLY 3 yrs ago!! Why did it seem like yester years? We even looked yester year. This photo was West Side Kids. HAHAHA! I think it must be the "in" thing in 2005. Probably some Taiwanese drama.
I LOVE church camps. The young, the old...everyone gathers to sleep together.

I lost count on the number of camps we went. Yet each one, the memory stays.
Every morning, we wrestle to get to the loo.
Then pose in front of the mirror in the hotel lobby.
At night, we gather to gossip.
Gawd, i miss those times. We grew up in the same neighbourhood but have grown apart as we grow up. I always feared we will never have times like this again (and it seems true), but they'll always be family to me.
Don't bother watching if you're not from my church and don't undersand Mandarin.

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