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Monday, September 7, 2009

Battle at Kruger

You know i only share worthy videos, so here's one.

It's 8 mins long, but have the patience to watch. It's seriously an epic at nature's best. I am enlightened with how:

1) Animals communicate and take revenge (Mummy Buffalo brought back the whole herd)

2) The lions stay away from the water due to other creatures in there

3) Buffalos won't be your choice of meat at any restaurant (it will be seriously TOUGH!)

Just to answer some of the questions in your head:

1) Buffalos are naturally "blind" by nature, thus they walk right into the lions

2) This bunch of tourists are EXTREMELY LUCKY to be able to catch this sight. My friend who showed me this video is a native and told me in his entire life living in South Africa, he has never seen a wild lion. It's extremely rare to see a lion in the wild.

3) A night spent at the game reserve (like a safari trip in the Kruger Park for tourists)in South Africa will set you back about a thousand bucks. This is next up on my list...

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