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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When i was young..

I'm discharged now but given 2 weeks hospitalization leave. So i was packing and came across these old pictures. Gosh, i look different. Kinda. My skin WAS definitely oiler.

And its fun looking at my friends too. How they've changed. Alot of people lost weight..comparing the then and now pictures. Must be the stress in Singapore.

That Nokia phone i had is sooooo obiang now.
He is one of those who lost weight on the face but built up his body over the years. Definitely aged alot now. Maybe its because of his business. He's working 24/7. Have one of his pictures in my earlier posts.
The 77th Street party that was a flop. Haha, it's quite amusing thinking back now. So glad Shyanne was there with me to kill the flies.
Pole groove,i'm gonna pick that up sometime.
My very dear childhood friends. Pity we drifted now.
I cannot imagine this group ever getting together like this again. Odd match now, wasn't back then. Friends come and go.. what a pity.
My best days were in Secondary school.

And camps were the most fun things to be in. But as you grow older, you loathe these things. I dislike chalets.
I think i lost quite abit of weight from my face too. So was those what you call baby fat? Shyanne looks the same then and now. Consistent girl, hah.
I seem to be laughing very happily here. I remember it was when i just got attached. No, not to this guy. That means this picture was taken exactly 3.5 years ago.
I definitely see youth in these old pictures. Do i look older now? Have i changed?

While i was hospitalised, i was quite surprised at the number of visitors i got. Quite frankly, i knew i had friends, but i wasn't quite sure if i had friends i could rely on or friends who would bother about my being. So i was touched and secretly pleased at those who came.

I felt my existence. So anyway, now that i'm discharged and i'm turning 23, i'm thinking of throwing a party to celebrate. A yatch party! Oh yea...

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