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Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Hospital Experience.

Never ever ever jinx yourself by saying you wanna spend your birthday at The Clinic.

Because look where i am now....Singapore General Hospital. And my birthday's looming and i'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed.

Long story short, i'm admitted for kidney infection that causes spiking fever.

1) Hospital food actually tastes nice (heck, i even like airline food)
2) Doctors and nurses are the nicest people around
3) The hospital is not that eerie after all
4) The tests they do on me to figure out what's wrong initially is enough to kill me than my illness
5) Health is wealth
6) Don't diss insurance no more.

I want Char Kway Tiao, i want duck rice!


arron said...

Interesting post there. I feel the quality of singapore hospitals have reached a world class standard. What are your thoughts?

Chrispy Tine said...

haha.interesting?i didn't write much.maybe i'd take pictures and post them up, then i'll be like on a holiday,no?

i don't have many experiences with singapore i can't comment about their standards.but by far,i think SGH's service standards are there.

Singapore's always good in everything isn't it?

Elwin said...

oh dear.. just days ago, i saw you online too.. :( feell better babe.. holler when u're online

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