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Monday, November 17, 2008

Internet is for Porn.

They sang about racism, Christianity, life, bills,purpose,homosexuality,one night stands, porn and promiscuity. It was great fun,creativity and cuteness. The Bad Idea bears (yellow and blue) were adorable. The puppeteers were fantastic. There was even a scene where the 2 in-love puppets were naked and doing it (all positions possible) on stage.

Well, if you've cash to spare then sure watch a play at the Esplanade. But if you don't, then its not such a big deal missing this one.

HE told me that its true that the Internet is for Porn. 73% of the internet was developed because of the potential in porn downloads and all.

It's an adult Sesame Street. Then again, there has been talks that Sesame Street is not suitable for the young. How Ernie and Bert promote homosexuality, how Big Bird promote imaginary friends, how this other character (can't remember name. Cookie Monster?)promotes violence.

Best line i can remember from Avenue Q. Lucy the slut asked the girlfriend of the guy who she just had a one-nighter with:

Lucy: "Omg, he kept me going the WHOLE NIGHT.Do you see any scratch marks on my back?"
Kate Monster:" Yes, i do. It says 'HELP ME'."

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