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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spag Night

It is never a candle light dinner between 2,but between many other people. Ok, i've never really had a candle light dinner with just a man. I had one in Bali with a woman. Let me recall...ok, maybe i had candle light dinners with a man..but i don't remember it was ever all that romantic. Much less the one in Bali with a woman.

So yes, candle light dinners are much more fun with a group of people. Mass romantism.

The preparation that spoilt my French manicure. Ok, i think it was already alittle spoilt when i pressed the lift button.

Too much spag!
Sam's proud tower of bread.

My arms look damn long here. Everyone told me i lost alot of weight, i didn't feel so. But looking at this picture, got to admit i am rather skinny now. Funny though, the men say i'm better like that. While my girlfriends say i look pale.
See mum, Sam's not dangerous. He's harmless.

Knocking back tequila shots.

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