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Saturday, December 1, 2007


Don't you think Eugene looks like some HK actor? Tony Leung or something, got one of his old movies he wear this specs too. Or maybe some director. But he definitely look like one of them lah.

And i'm officially a degree holder! Provided i don't fail. Hahaha. Had my last paper, and its straight away to some partying! Dinner and movie first.

Then hop over to another group for pre-drinks at one of their house and then later club hopping. This is my house mate who invited me to join her friends.

Don't need to envy, he's not straight. Haha

WHere did the guy in white come from!

Nah...he's real. They actually had heaps of drinks, but i didn't have a sip. Not all all. I never liked alcohol. Thankfully, i managed to evade all the "come girl, drink drink. You must drink. Don't give face ar!" Managed to evade mainly also cause i made myself to be a wall flower and just observe the things happening around. The Indians are a really funny bunch of people. They're the dress well, smart, rich and smell nice sort. Haha.

Very artistic.
Made new friends.

And then we hired some maxi cab to take us into the city. This is only half of the group. Contrary to popular beliefs, i am not a party girl. So this is my first time actually clubbing in Perth. And i was the only non-intoxicated one the whole night.

And so i danced, fended off strangers and painted the town red.

To wake up with a HUGE PAINFUL PIMPLE! Late nights and me don't go very well. So i decided to have tuna salad. Wanted to add mango, but decided not too since its heaty.

And this was another farewell dinner from my work place. When i first met her, thought she was an SPG. but she's actually nice, friendly and very witty. But she admits she's quite a bit of a slut. hahahaa...funny girl

We had this dinner in honour of our supervisor, the man in blue. Leaving here, going on to a new chapter in life, hopefully. His marriage recently fell apart with his asian wife. And i got to agree all the characteristics of being chinese is existent in his wife. And so, i learn 'never hold a man back from his dreams. otherwise he will blame you in future of your relationship' and 'never put your husband down, even though he really is wrong'. Tactfulness is still needed even though you know the person really well. but all in all, there is alot more going in between this couple lah. Not saying the guy doesn't have fault too. But well, shouldn't say too much here. People's privacy.

And Kara! She's pretty actually, just don't photograph well. And she's coming Singapore!

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