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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

You'll never like Sentosa again

This was my first time spending more than 10 minutes at the beach in my entire span of 1.5 years here. The bf never had time to take me, and i was always with him. Summer's officially here! But its still cold. Very weird.

Lawrence told me this was a towel.

This dog...very funny..likes to go into people's crotch and start digging. Then its head will vibrate against you. I'm wondering if it washed its hair. Lawrence said it likes to do that because it's warm against your body. He's digging...

Then he sits.
Can't sit for long.

You can't tell where's the head and where's the bottom. Just a ball of fur. It's actually a puppy. Very funny you know, this dog is reared by an Asian and hangs out with alot of asians. We have another dog by another friend, same case. This 2 dogs, everytime they see westerner, they will bark like siao. But not at Asians. Do they really know?

But the ang moh reared dogs don't bark at Asians lah. The ang moh dogs are all very well behaved. Professionally trained. But the other dog, my friend told us he purposely train his dog to bark at ang mohs. Coz he (the friend) don't like ang mohs. Hahahahaa.

I look spastic lah. Don't know what i was doing also.

My first work place when i came to Perth. They give me face leh, when i went there for dinner. Never charge us for rice and tea. Hahahaa.

My Sunday breakfast before going to church. Grilled tomato complete with sprinkle of herbs, scrambled eggs, buttered mushrooms and fruit toast. I love my life here. If the boyfriend is here, he will have additional harshbrowns, bacon and sausages. Does Singapore even have fresh mushrooms? How come she always cook with dried mushrooms one?


Shyanne said...

of course we have fresh mushrooms!

and it looked like a gorgeous day to be at the beach! you look good! and the puppy is the cutest! i love small furry animals.

RaGe FuRy said...

Lawrence looks like some HK actor out of a 1980's film! Hilarious!

Chrispy Tine said...

WE DO?i've nv.seen b4,not in NTUC!I still rem.wad the supermarket in SG is called.thanks for all the exclaimations, shy! i cant wait to see you! And no, this kinda dog is not my fav.too long haired, too yappy. But still a dog, and so i still sorta like it.

Ivan, YAR! i get wad u mean! Now that u mentioned. That's eugene's glasses. and apparently...wearing it makes u COOLER and its a total you'll see.That's what Lawrence says.

RaGe FuRy said...

HAHAHA.. Hilarious.. I miss living in your dorm...

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