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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


As i see Mr. Integra being driven away, i feel sadness. Sadness not because i have to walk and take the bus, but because there was a special bond. My first car, although old but its reliable. Therefore, i've deduced that Honda is a good brand. Ford too, i like Ford also. Although i made a profit out of this sale, i really am reluctant to let it go.

I'm thankful for my dad who technically didn't pay for my car (because he did not send over 'extra money' for the car), but i'm thankful that he strongly encouraged me to buy it. My dad always makes good decisions when it comes to things major. Things minor, not so good. Like he always leaves umbrellas behind or something like that.

I'm thankful for my friend who passed on this car to me cheaply and all the other wonderful things he gave me, like TV, which is god-sent in my room!

I'm thankful that i did not immediately go for further studies after polytechnic. Thankful that the perfect job landed in my lap. This makes me not any fresh grad, but a grad with experience. And that looks really good on resumes.

I still remember that day i asked for guidance, the day i broke down because of confusion and frustration of what to do,where to go. The day where i was called for an interview within an hour of applying. Got the job within 3 hours, and signed up Bella in the next.

I am thankful i won my appeal to graduate (no more school fees!)

Thankful Gideon advised me to put my funds into investment accounts here so that i managed to save quite a sum (good exchange rate and interest).

I am thankful for all things wonderful, and all things bad...because if without the bad, you will never see the good.

P.S i can't wait to sky dive and see the whales in NZ! my belated belated birthday celebration. hahaa..i can go on for this forever.

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