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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Time-Freeze on Ageing

If you don't want to be looking like a bulldog, try the new cryotherapy facial treatment at award winner Porcelain Face Spa, also my sponsor for 3 years now.

The use of low temperatures have been prominently used in medical therapy to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue. Now, Porcelain Face Spa harnesses this technology to slow down the effects of facial aging by leveraging freeze therapy to create a painless but effective facial that restores firmness, tone and radiance.

First, treatment starts with double cleansing without exfoliation. I breathe in and relax, as her supple cool hands massage my face to stimulate circulation and remove surface impurities. Nothing beats getting your face massaged gently by someone else.
Then my favourite Balance serum (or another selection upon analysis of your skin) is applied using the cyrostamp. The cyrostamp is this tool with little tiny pricks, you feel it but it's not painful.

The cyrostamp + serum improves skin tone and texture, lightening acne scars. Porcelain Face Spa is a salon that focuses alot on acne, knowing in our humid environment, many of us suffer from acne.
Then, cyro-electrophoresis is used to increase absorption of the serum by 80-99%. I had to hold this rod while having the cyro-electrophoresis tool roll around my face.
Cryotherapy entails the use of extremely cold temperatures of up to -10 degrees to chill the skin surface. This sets off a process known as vaso constriction, which causes the skin regeneration. This in turn stimulates vasodilation and microcirculation in the skin, resulting in cell oxygenation and toxin elimination.

Treatment is then finished off with a custom blended mask and shoulder massage. No facial is complete without massssssage.  
This facial is suitable for people who have uncomplicated medical history and non-problemati skin. It can be done as a maintenance facial to stimulate collagen production, reduce puffiness, eye bags and fine lines.

I had the misconception that such treatments only start at 40, but i was educated that skincare starts young. Better safe than sorry!

--> The Cryotherapy Facial ($250, 75 minutes) is available exclusively at Porcelain, the Face Spa, located at 15 Cantonment Road. Please call 6227 9692 to make an appointment. 


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