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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Roadtrippin' with Peace

Four years ago, I had an accident. When it happened, my heart was gripped in fear. Then a wave of relief overcame me, there was no bodily harm to me nor my passenger. I then felt helpless, I didn't know what to do. Where do I go from here, what do I do with my totalled car? Where is my wallet - I didn't take it out…?!

Making it even worse, I wasn't wearing a bra because I thought it was only a quick ride out of the house and back.

The memory of what came after is vague - the trauma may have forced that unpleasant accident out of memory. After that, I had a fear. Not of driving - although I’m extra cautious and patient now - but I have a fear of driving out of Singapore. Fearful that if the same had happened, what would I do! That makes me feel so handicapped - I have a car but am unable to cross the borders and enjoy food, massage and shopping at half price. I have a fear of driving without someone else around, preferably a male, who would know what to do in case an accident happens again. It irks me to be a weak female since I strive to be empowered. 

So i signed up for a drive tour to Lake Kenyir end of this month! Safety in numbers, right? We'll be driving in a convoy and making pit stops along the way for local delicacies before ending up in a beach resort. Just like how I got over my fear of water by taking a diving license, I’m doing a drive tour across the borders soon to overcome my driving trauma. 
The reward.
My dad is a believer of insurance, and his mindset has been passed on to me. Except that he doesn't buy any insurance for me - it is apparently something I have to plan for my own! Having bought life insurance, medical and travel insurance, I realize none of them are customizable - but all are something run of the mill.

My friend Estelle invited me to an event recently and I have just gotten to know about AXA Smart Drive, the first customized car insurance. Allowing flexibility in what works for you and not having to pay what you don't need.
Even Estelle Kiora and Irene Ang got excited at the launch of AXA customized motor insurance. 
This customizable brainchild came about after AXA surveyed 1208 customers. Thanks to them who spoke their minds, AXA listened and now offers consumers the freedom to pick and choose benefits on top of value bundled offers. Convenience and customization is like having your cake and eating it too!

How it works:
1. Pick a basic plan.
It's like "do you want thin crust, thick crust or crust with filling as a pizza base"?
There are 7 to choose from, and I would choose the AXA SmartDrive For Her. After all, I won't deny that I can't repair any part of my car to save my life if there is a breakdown.
2. Add on Value-Added Packs.
Like economy rice at the food court, choosing meat will always make the final price more expensive. Not needing meat? Don't choose meat then and pay lesser for your meal. If my Lake Kenyir road trip is successful, I would love to take more road trips across the borders. With the Overseas Protector, it will be an extra boost of confidence!
The Claims Protector and Duo Protector seems like a must-have to have maximum protection too. Family protector even comes with monthly allowance in case of permanent disablement! I currently have a separate permanent disability insurance plan in which I pay about $500 annually. With the AXA SmartDrive, I will drive my money further if i chose the Family Protector value-add. A 2-in-1!
FLY ENTERTAINMENT artistes Henry Golding, Max Loong, Bobby Tonelli and Rebecca Tan test out their driving skills so they can determine what type of value-adds they would likely need!

3. More Add-ons
Still not satisfied? There are 11 more add-ons to pick and choose, ala carte style. I think it would be good to pick phone assistance and roadside support (as per earlier experience), and do without a courtesy car in Singapore. This would keep the final cost low if that is desired. At the same time, add-ons include personal accident sum insurance too! That means more assurance for my loved ones.
Are celebrities Bobby Tonelli and Henry Golding spotted at the AXA launch considered add-ons too? Hehehe.
Whatever your needs are as a driver, you can customize a plan with AXA SmartDrive that will provide adequate protection for you, your car and even family. A first customizable insurance in Singapore. Choose from AXA's range of core plans, value-added packs and add-ons at their website. Contact your AXA agent for tailored coverage while you drive.

I'll keep you updated on my first driving trip :)

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