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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Best of Me


If i'm like Lego, there have been various builders in my life who created who i am. Other than the obvious, like family, there have been various people i met at different life stages who moulded me unknowingly. Unfortunately, i'm not in touch with any of them now. Some remain just Facebook friends.
Different stages of life via passport photos
This blog post is to immortalise memory, a silent tribute to the ones who made the best of me. 

Teachers. It is a noble profession, even if he/she go into the profession for other reasons other than nurturing. Even the teachers who berrate me in all my education years, i'm grateful to them for sparking thoughts in what i want when i grow up. One looked like a rat and was so mean. The other walked like a duck and her breasts hung like papayas. She likes predicting our future careers. Road-sweepers for the students who aren't scoring well. 
Poly days
Then there are the teachers who patiently explain repeatedly when i just don't get the math. Or the teacher who took us out for Pizza Hut, KFC or Swensens when we weren't even performing in our exams. They taught me how i would want to teach my child. With love, grace and kind words. 

I grew up and landed my first job. I was earning $1600 & i had alot of external meetings that happens in cafes. I usually drink water that is free. My manager noticed and since then, a drink was always placed in front of me, paid by her. She taught me generosity, and i pay it forward to my executives now that i'm a manager.
Then i had that supervisor who replaces "fuck" or "shit" with "Mango" when he swears. He touched my heart by occasionally telling me true human stories. Stories with human triumph, that reminds me my purpose in life. 

The friend who advised me to buy my life insurance at 19, the same friend who told me to earn the Australian bank's interest, the colleagues who taught me the art of office politics, all these people made me who i am today and brought me to where i am today. 

People cross paths for a reason, and we ought to make the best of all relationships.

Julie's, the biscuit and snacks manufacturer is calling the public to submit their personal stories of people, things, or experiences that have brought out the best in time via the website

All stories will culminate in an exhibition to be held end of Oct. This movement is to celebrate family ties and social acceptance. Submit your stories in any manner or form like poems, quotes, films or even music. Physical items can also be accepted. Who or what made #TheBestofYou? 


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