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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tips in Deciding a Hair Removal Specialist


Let's talk about body hair. 

I was an early adopter of Intense Pulse Light (IPL). It was an expensive investment but it was so worthwhile (no more forgetting to shave armpits!)
This is NOT me.
It has been 6 years or more since i completed my IPL and i haven't shaved my underarms since. As it was expensive then, i was reluctant to pay more for the larger surface areas. Going for the cheaper alternative, waxing was a horrendous mistake for my back. I got such bad acne on my back that i had to spend more money on a chemical peel to save it back. #punny

If you are considering to be hair free and fuss free at an affordable price, here're my tips in deciding a hair removal specialist. 

1) Safety
7 years ago when IPL was fairly new, I was convinced to take a package from Bella Skincare not because of Fann Wong's fair armpits, but because medical staff conducted the treatment sessions. Going to a reputable beauty salon is very important as any beauty treatment can have the possibility to go horribly wrong.  

Ginza Calla, Japan's renowned hair removal specialist with over 21 years of experience in the industry just opened doors in Singapore at Plaza Singapura (04-55). As i am biased towards Japanese products, because of their perfectionist culture, i decided to give it a go.

2) Price
Also because of its ridiculously opening offer. 3 sessions of lower arm and lower leg hair removal now only costs $40! Bella Skincare, my only other IPL experience charged by shots and it took me about 100 shots, 10 each month to be armpit hair free. That was about 10 sessions and it was a whooping total of $2000. I'm not good at math but it seems to be an expensive pricing model, especially when you end up with 2 shots for a last session. With 2 shots only, that session would deem ineffective. 

Ginza Calla don't charge by shots but give you the right amount of IPL according to your needs per session. Each shot by Ginza Calla is equivalent of 5 pulses instead of the usual 3 with other IPL machines.
Packages are catered to small or large areas and at Ginza Calla, it's a one-stop hair-free shop for EVERY body area. Including your pubic and ass hole region. Yes, you read that right.

3) Service
What makes good service is when you aren't rushed nor pushed into making decisions or buying. I was served hot unsweetened tea while i filled up my form of allergies, experience, concerns and others.
The consultant then asked where were my concern areas and honestly told me where i need and not need. She shared her own Ginza Calla IPL experience and invited me to touch her treated areas. I definitely could tell a difference between her silky soft treated skin VS my untreated rough skin! And to think i moisturize everyday :(

She then took the time to explain to me how IPL works and why shaving and waxing leaves behind a rough texture compared to IPL.
She's not lying because i do notice my pubic region is not baby ass smooth because of my regular waxing that rips the hair out, leaving pores larger and thus rougher. My legs, despite shaved regularly remains smooth because my leg hair is fine. The coarser your body hair quality is, the more detrimental it is if you remove it by any other methods than IPL.

4) Quality
Due to a country's long standing reputation of quality products, i am pleased to learn everything used in Ginza Calla is from Japan. I checked to see that they are not lying, i did see Japanese characters inscribed on the side of the machine they used. Not just the sticker you see in the photo below, but on the size where machinery usually have words.
Not just the machinery, but all gels and lotions applied onto skin is also concocted by this Japanese salon and their engaged dermatologists. Unlike other IPL services, Ginza Calla's first priority, while performing IPL hair removal, is to take care of the customer's skin.

This was NOT experienced at Bella Skincare. The procedure at Bella was short and swift. I enter, i lie down, they shave me with a disposable razor. The nurse then apply numbing gel, place glasses on me and start zapping away. With each zap, an assistant will place an ice pack before repeating the same. After 10 shots, i get up and go my way.

When my armpit was hair-free and i still had leftover shots, the salon suggested i could use them on other body parts like nipples or pubic region. I wasn't convinced by them, so i left those shots outstanding.

At Ginza Calla, i tested them out by allowing them to treat my forearm and stomach first (less risk).
I was SO PLEASED with them that in the same session, i requested for my asshole (they politely inform me, it's called the 'O' region), my nipples, and my entire pubic region including the labia (they again politely informed me, it's called the 'V' and 'S' region). All these code names.....hahaha.

They first cleanse the skin before using IPL. The therapist was SO GENTLE with me, i was on cloud 9. Having someone doing something your intimate bits takes alot of trust and despite my first time meeting her, i felt i could give her my life.
After cleansing & making sure your hair's the right length, here's what Ginza Calla does that no other IPL salons in my knowledge does. They use their own researched and developed Bihadajunbi lotion (in simpler terms, a moisturizer) on pre-treatment areas. This lotion is dispensed in a jet spray as if you are having an oxy facial on your v-jayjay. 
 Thereafter, the cold IPL gel is applied on.
Next comes the IPL pulses, before another round of the moisture-enriched mist shower.
Finally, cold moist towels are placed on all treated areas to prevent any redness. Ginza Calla is generous with their unique moisturising lotion. They apply through the high-pressure jet spray before and after IPL, they also give treated areas one last swipe with lotion before asking you to clothe. They even give a bottle to all package holders for home moisturizing. Super Kiasu! I love it.

5) Pain Factor
The coarser the hair, the more feeling you get. I wasn't convinced at Bella Skincare to use IPL on my nether regions because the underarm experience wasn't all that unfeeling. It was excruciating but my palms and feet get sweaty each time before treatment. The pain left quickly, i would describe it like an ant bite.

At Ginza Calla, i was SO AMAZED that it was so unfeeling that i fell asleep couple of times. It was like i was at a spa. You get a warm sensation every time the light flicks, but other than that i felt nothing. Zilch. The luscious texture of the Bihadajunbi lotion jet spray after each IPL also help with any sensation a customer may feel. After all, each person's pain tolerance and experience may be different so i can't vouch for all! And like i said, Ginza Calla's IPL was so unfeeling and bearable even if there was alittle feeling, that i immediately asked to do my nether regions. This was even better than brazilian wax!
Ginza Calla, Plaza Singapura 04-55 (the new wing). Call 6238 8859 for appointments or enquiries. Currently, most of their customers are Japanese who already know the salon and brand from home. 


Allan said...

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Jasmine said...

Hi! I'm wondering if you have any updates following your 1st session at Ginza Calla?

Xtine said...

Hi jasmine! I didn't sign a package so didn't go back a second time. But it took quite awhile for the hair to grow back and when it did, hair is soft.

Jasmine said...

Thanks Christine! I actually went for one session about 1 week ago but have yet to see any "shedding" of hair. All still seem pretty intact. Also can't seem to find much reviews on the results seen by Ginza's patrons.

Xtine said...

hey Jasmine again :)
Ginza is brand new, perhaps that's why there aren't many who've reviewed yet. i was cleanly shaven before doing the IPL, thus i remain hairless immediately after treatment. Were you the same?

The difference (compared to shaving) was, there was no stubble when hair started growing back. And, i DISCOVERED that i need to tug at my hair (pubic region) when it started growing out. It just dropped when i gently tug, with no pain. But then of course, i stopped doing it when it got too many. Now if i try tugging again, it doesn't fall.

To be completely hair free (never growing again), you need more than one session. As per experienced with my armpits.

Unknown said...

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