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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Places to Go in Costa de Sol

We flew in to Madrid and drove 5 hours to Malaga, although one can fly in directly into Malaga. Malaga, an area favored by the Spainards and Europeans as a summer holiday destination because of its coast. 

However, my family weren't that much of beach babies, so we drove around looking for interesting places to hang out instead. 


In 2011, the film makers of Smurfs 3D promised to restore the Andalucian village back to traditional white after the premiere. It is a blessing in disguise for the town that they didn't honour their promise. For it was the only way to bring tourism and dollars to this otherwise small and extremely un-happening village.


We drove nearly 2 hours in search of this Smurf village. There were even day tours offering to take you to Smurf village.
However, other than 2 XL sized Smurfs and everything painted in blue, there're isn't anything else terribly exciting.
The town was cute, for 30 seconds. There is only one shop that sold Smurfs lollies, keychains and the signature character blue, white or red hats.
Panoramic view of the village
Still, it is a town to visit, just so you can say you've been to Smurf village. Unless, Smurfs become so vintage that there is no longer swag. 


Ayuntamiento, C/ Real Fábrica De Hojalata, 1
Málaga 29462

I like Rhonda because it is one of the most spectacular village i have been. Its location is dramatic, set in and around a deep gorge spanned by an impressive bridge. It is also touted to have inspired JR Tolkien! It is also listed as one of the must-see places in the world. 
My pictures don't do justice. The ones from the Internet do!
Photo by Francisco Marin
Ayuntamiento, Plaza Duquesa de Parcent, 
29400 Ronda. 
Rio Verde with Xtreme Adventura
Having tried canyoning in Mt Blanc, i thought to try the Spanish terrain. It was a drive to nowhere, and a 1 hour hike in the scorching heat with our equipment. 
By then, we were thirsty and eager to jump into the crystal clear cool water.
There weren't sexy slides or ropes in this canyoning experience. The route was disappointing compared to the fantastic experience i had in Mt Blanc. However, it had crazy jumps that i was forced to do because there would have been no other way out.

We went with Xtraventura Turismo Activo and photos of the experience were given to us freely after. While this was a beginner's route, i would think a reasonable fitness level is required as well as a daredevil spirit!

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