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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Review of Prestige Eye Brow and Lash Specialist

My tag have been no photoshop,no falsies, no push-up bra, just real life situations. I'm just not quite the kind of girl who is overly conscientious with looks. 

BUT there are some exceptions to using falsies. Like at a photoshoot, or on my wedding day, or travelling. 

I knew i was going to be tripping the Sahara desert under harsh conditions. I was limited to only bringing a backpack for 2 weeks, it is gonna be very hot and sunny with no luxury bathrooms nor hotels. Yet a camwhore i am, i wanted pretty travelgrams and nice pictures would mean having my beady Asia eyes actually visible under the squinting sun. 

So without any surgery, i went to PRESTIGE at Pacific Plaza #03-10 to widen my eyes. By adding silk lash extentions!
Procedure is tape is placed below your eye for better visibility and application.
I had a brief consult upon entering the decadent velvet newly opened boutique. Jac suggested to implant the silk lashes strand by strand to make my lashes look full yet still natural. I didn't have to tell her, but she was observant enough to notice and so assumed i am not one who applies daily heavy make-up. She took that into consideration in her recommendation, which i obviously didn't challenge. Other than silk strand by strand, there were other options like mink, or clusters Mink would have been even thinner, and i wasn't sure if it would have given the effect. So i settled on silk extentions. 

What i liked about Prestige was they are fast! Having tried lash extentions before at 2 other establishments, Prestige won the fastest fingers. In 90 mins, Jac have applied over 100 ( ok, she wasn't counting) silk lashes strand by strand to give me the effect i desire. I remember there were establishments that charged by the number of strands they use! Prestige doesn't do that. There was also zilch stinging or discomfort.
Before PRESTIGE lash extensions
After lash extensions
Jac did not apply the extentions close to the root of my original lashes, which is crucial to not having hair loss. The application was painless and there was no sting. After lying comfortably in the salon for 90 minutes,my eyelashes fluttered open, literally. 

I was told to not touch water for the next 3 hours, so i wore goggles to bathe. The lashes didn't drop for almost 3 weeks, and even behind glasses, they were soft enough to not create any discomfort pushing against my specs. I needed to adjust a little how i put on my contact lenses because i can't push my upper lid up as i usually would, but it was no biggie. 
The good thing with lash extensions is i refrain from rubbing my eyes, which is beneficial as frequent rubbing of eyes is what creates dark eye rings. 

It was amazing, to wake up ready to go without making up. To still have my eyes wide-open behind glasses and make nice travelgrams. 

My eyes appear larger with Prestige lash extensions.
In Florence without lash extensions.
In Spain with lash extensions
And here’s a photo comparision of Prestige lash vs Browhaus vs now defunct Musee. 
Left to right: Browhaus, Musee, Prestige
In my opinion, Browhaus was too dramatic for my liking. Musee, a Japanese salon was the best but is no longer offering this service. Prestige came next closest to being natural.

On my travels, I brought zilch make-up but still woke up beautiful and went to bed pretty. Only because Prestige lash extensions gave me bigger eyes.

If you are interested, make an appointment with Prestige at 67333369, price list and more info on services can be found at


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