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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Know your Date through Date Manners

The phone is contagious. 
Seeing someone check it while with you, makes you want to check it too.
Your date orders as soon as the waiter comes over.
This person wants to be in charge, moves quickly and get things done. He or she likes things done a certain way and could be a compulsive worker. My date made reservations and pre-ordered the menu, i like decisive men.

Your date still can't decide what to order.
This person may struggle with decisions and multi-tasking. But he or she is likely to be caring, wants to feel appreciated and loves spending quality time with others. It's a super positive interpretation of fickle-mindedness. Women are forgiven!

Your date places the fork and knife in the four o'clock position
This indicates a certain level of poise and sophitication. He or she is probably raise to be very traditional, and your table manners is most probably being checked on right now. As you can tell from the picture, we're half hearted with poise and sophistication.

Your date orders too much alcohol
This could mean your date is nervous and have an inability to enjoy oneself in an unfamiliar situation. Or that you may have an alcoholic at hand.

Your date holds a fork more like a weapon than an eating tool
This may be a sign of hidden aggression, so be wary of possible future blow-ups. You may also want to be wary of sleeping beside.

Your date apply salt and pepper on served food before tasting it
This may be someone of superiority complex. It displays a lack of trust in others, and may allude to control issues. Also applies to the soya sauce people.

Oh, and hold a wine glass by its stem, chew with your mouth closed and eat a sushi whole, without dip.

The above is copied from a table mat at Table Manners, a very cool concept bistro at Changi City Point.

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