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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Picked up by Porcelain Face Spa

It's a love-hate relationship for me with facials. While it does improvements to my skin in the long run, i dread it because it's a painful affair with extraction. Porcelain Face Spa offers no extraction facials for those with agliophobia (fear of pain).

I just returned from -20 cold in Beijing so a pick-me-up facial to rehydrate was necessary! 
The Imperial Palace glistening in snow.
Using a milky cleanser that is oil and paraben free, the pick-me-up facial starts with double cleansing. Then a skin refining gentle scrub, finished with a cucumber jelly mask while enjoying a shoulder massage and having a special LED shone on the face to boost collagen.

All in 25 minutes, a quickie to improve skin clarity, brighten skin tone, refine pores and smoothen skin! Winter don't have to mean.

Pick me Up in 25 for $60, make an appointment here.

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