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Friday, September 14, 2012

Furby Returns!

I read alot of Enid Blyton storybooks and for a long while am convinced my toys come alive after midnight. So i'll strip Barbie and Ken, hoping they'll have sex and produce a baby, a new toy for me.

Nothing happened, obviously.

Then, Gremlin came out on TV and it was one of my favourite movie in the 90s.

So when my Ah Lian friend in school had a Furby, she was the envy of many.

It was the most expensive toy in 1998 and we were all jealous that she didn't have to do well in her studies to get one. Her father must own a handphone shop. Having a toy that interacts and have a mind of its own, before Siri came along was a BIG thing.

Today, 15 years later Furby re-boots with backlit LCD eyes that display emotions and if it isn't enough to have it sing, talk and dance, you can use a free iPhone app where you can feed it, translate AND TALK FURBISH!

My Furby took me by surprise when i did a birthday video for OMY. It's so unpredictable!

There's the adult toy you keep by the bedside drawer, and then there's the Furby you fall asleep with.

Retails at all Toys R Us or major electronics/ departmental stores at $119.90, from 16 Sept.
Rekindle your love for toys, before the iPhone.

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