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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bid me a Cover Look

This season, Somerset 313 is offering many prizes for shoppers.
From September 7 – October 14, shoppers can have a go at the sure-win fashion spin to receive over $20,000 worth of food and shopping vouchers when they spend a minimum of $150 (Maximum of 3 same-day receipts) at any 313 outlet.

On September 29- October 6, shoppers who spend $150 at any 313 outlet are invited to discover what their Aura Colors say about them, their fashion statement and lifestyle!mThe Auramatherapy shop introduces the Aura Video System (AVS), harnessing real-time imaging technology to capture a person’s full-body Chakras and Aura (or the emotional and energetic states of the user). 

The search for the next cover model have been chosen but if you didn't submit, you can still win something! Just vote for your favorite male and female cover looks via the 313 Facebook page, from September 26 - October 6.

Three lucky voters will each stand to win 313 shopping vouchers worth $100. In conjunction with the Cover Model Search, 313@somerset is also organising a ‘Bid me a Cover Look’ fashion auction which will be held at 313’s Level 1 Atrium on September 29 and 30 at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm daily. Those who aspire to don a cover model ensemble can experience a unique fashion event where shoppers can pick out a runway-ready outfit from six “live” mannequins – four stunning female models and two saucy male models. All shoppers can participate in the auction bidding process by signing up at the registration booth at 313 Atrium on both days.

Now, i'd say this is the most exciting since the items that are on auction start off at a discounted price!

Worthwhile to check it out next weekend, do remember to sign up first.


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