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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Movie Review: The Dictator

My history teacher sucked at teaching. I was never intrigued by history when history is actually made everyday. If only my history teacher was Sacha Baron Cohen, a history graduate from Cambridge.

I would have enjoyed learning about dictatorship a lot more via his film than the textbook.

It is not a mindless funny romantic comedy, but there is alot of depth and underlying meanings if you think harder. It is a surprisingly deft political satire.
Memorable Quotes

"These! Are banned in Saudi Arabia for being too safe."

"You're like an onion. Cock sucker outside, and another 10 layers of cock sucker inside."

"They raped me very unprofessionally."

"There's a rape center here?!"

"A customer left some cream and shavers in the tip box, do you want to take it?"
"Are you having a boy or an abortion?"

"Bad news. Its a girl. Where's the thrash can?"


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Funny Quotes!

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Nice review of the movie.

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