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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Maybe Baby.

Baby is a common pet name between lovers. I do like hearing this term of endearment by the right person yet am slightly amused and started thinking "what if the real baby comes?" Do you upgrade your wife from "baby" to "mummy"? Like "jie jie" to "auntie".

I asked my girlfriend who is pregnant and she said, well, her husband has an alternative nickname for her that incorporates her name but if he had to still call her baby, it'll be "my baby is having my baby."

Then my male friend enlightened me that there are different tones in calling "baby."

This is how you’ll call a lover “baby”.

And this is how you’ll call a real baby “baby”.

Like how they say you'll never find an ugly bride and all babies are cute. I thought this was a little freaky. Nontheless, he has the force in him.

But some can leave you in awe and i'm watching this kid to become the next Jay Chou with hopefully better enunciation!

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