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Friday, May 27, 2011

Death by Zombies

America’s Center for Disease Control recently launched a commendable tongue-in-cheek campaign. They warned the world about a possible zombie apocalypse. I personally love zombie movies no matter how done-to-death the plot is. Even if every zombie movie always starts and ends the same, 100% predictable, I won’t miss it.

There is that certain draw about Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days and I Am Legend. Zombie movies signaling the end of the world has its attraction to a niche audience (like me) over alien invasion or astronomical tsunamis.

Some fear apocalypse (otherwise known as doomsday phobia), some lust for it, eager to see how the world ends. Its human nature to fear and be curious, Hollywood understands it well.

Be it death by zombies, aliens or disasters, we know we all can run but we can’t hide.

If I were to predict how the world ends, I’ll start with disasters first, then zombies, and alien invasion.
There's been alot of debate over CDC's execution. Flabbergasted, some Americans criticise CDC for mocking their intelligience.

The people feel from a practical standpoint, a zombie apocalypse is highly unlikey. Which spark off many amusing content creation on the internet like this:

Osama Bin Laden rises from dead, zombie apocalypse upon us

from The Scribe

The zombie apocalypse may be upon us. After being killed by Navy Seals on May 1, Osama Bin Laden has come back as a zombie. The terrorist rose from the dead one week after his death and has been steadily consuming victims since. He started by chewing the face off the guard in charge of watching his body. Then he moved on to the general population, which is rapidly becoming more zombie than human. To stop the spread of zombies to the rest of the world, world leaders are proposing sealing off the entire Middle East, where it is spreading rapidly.

As well as this one from shortly after Osama bin Laden’s reported death and burial at sea:

Zombie Osama bin Laden Rises from Indian Ocean!

From Celebrity

PAKISTAN – As the world celebrated the death of international terrorist leader Osama bin Laden on Sunday, the undead corpse of the slain criminal mastermind rose from the Indian Ocean and vowed increased terrorist activities.

In a top-secret operation last Sunday, U.S Navy seals entered a fortified compound in Pakistan and shot the architect of the terrorist attacks on the United States in 2001. In accordance with Islamic law, bin Laden’s body was washed, covered in a white sheet, and buried in the Indian Ocean within the 24 hour timeframe dictated by sacred Muslim rituals. This gave the government little time to conduct a thorough study of the remains in order to ascertain whether bin Laden was actually dead.

It turns out he wasn’t. The zombified corpse of Osama bin Laden rose from the Indian Ocean floor early this morning. He immediately made another video promising to renew his global jihad against the “brains of the living.” His plan apparently involves biting as many people as possible until “the whole world is consumed by a zombie plague that will make 9/11 look like a trip to Zionist Disneyland,” said zombie Osama.

I think it's highly likely that Earth faces a zombie apocalypse, that is if a tsunami or earthquake or false prophets doesn't kill us first.
The characteristics of being zombified other than chewing off people or the need to feed are
a) it starts with an infection
b) confusion (as seen in the Hollywood movies, you confuse a zombie because it's dumb)
c) clumsy
d) agitation
e) abnormal behaviour
d) falling flesh
f) there is no cure


Rabies is a viral disease that causes inflammation of the brain in warm-blooded animals. It is transmitted by animals, most commonly by a bite from an infected animal. The rabies virus infects the central nervous system, ultimately causing disease in the brain and death.

The rabies virus is concentrated in the saliva of infected animals and is spread when they bite or scratch. It also can be passed through the saliva of an infected animal wound or into the eyes or mouth of a person handling a rabid animal without an actual bite occuring.

Thus in theory, if a human gets rabies from an animal, he can pass it to another human with a love bite. Although no cases have been recorded.

The symtoms of rabies is all of being a zombie except falling flesh. The production of large quantities of saliva and tears coupled with an inability to speak or swallow are typical during the later stages of the disease; this can result in hydrophobia, in which the patient has difficulty swallowing because the throat and jaw become slowly paralyzed, shows panic when presented with liquids to drink, and cannot quench his or her thirst.

Nuclear Radiation
The recent Japan disaster is an imminent sign of deformities in the near future.
Many people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki died not directly from the actual explosion, but from the radiation released as a result of the explosion.
At Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the few surviving doctors observed symptoms of radiation sickness for the first time. In his book Nagasaki 1945, Dr. Tatsuichiro Akizuki wrote of the puzzling, unknown disease, of symptoms that "suddenly appeared in certain patients with no apparent injuries." Within seven to ten days after the A-bomb explosion, people began to die in swift succession. They died of the burns that covered their bodies and of acute atomic disease. Innumerable people who had been burnt turned a mulberry color, like worms, and died... The disease," wrote Dr. Akizuki, "destroyed them little by little. As a doctor, I was forced to face the slow and certain deaths of my patients."

Doctors and nurses had no idea of how their own bodies had been affected by radioactivity. Dr. Akizuki wrote, "All of us suffered from diarrhea and a discharge of blood from the gums, but we kept this to ourselves. Each of us thought: tomorrow it might be me... We became stricken with fear of the future."

The survivors have suffered physically from cataracts, leukemia and other cancers, malformed offspring, and premature aging, and also emotionally, from social discrimination. Within a few months of the nuclear explosions, leukemia began to appear among the survivors at an abnormally high rate. Some leukemia victims were fetuses within their mothers' wombs when exposed to radiation.
The similarities of nuclear radiation and zombies are there is no cure and falling flesh.

Lastly, Sexually Transmitted Disease.

There is no need for much of an explaination, but STD(s) are transmitted between humans by sexual intercourse. Some are curable, some are not (like herpes). Aids and HIV are  now also a pandemic around the world and on the rise in Singapore.

The similarities of being infected with STD and being a zombie is

a) it starts with an infection: SEX

b) confusion: WHO WAS IT WHO PASSED TO ME?
d) agitation: ANGRY AT THE WORLD
d) falling flesh: SEE PICTURE
f) there is no cure: AIDS/HIV

In a rapidly evolving world like ours today, bacteria may take on mutation and zombie apocalypse may happen (see CDC's official release here on what to do, a twist on realistic disasters and emergencies).

We can run, but we can't hide. So pick a faith today! Hahaha. Ok, life to the fullest!


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