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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Art Jam

When musicians gather in a studio with proper facilities, they call it a jammin' session. On Saturday, it's my first time hearing Jam Art , the latest "in" thing to do for the quiet afternoons.

I used to be able to walk into a cinema on a weekend without any booking and buy tickets to a movie. Now, tickets are sold out every showtime and across every cinema. Even film titles that are unpopular or ending its run can be sold out. That's how deprived, uncreative and pathetic Singaporeans can be over weekend activities.

So here's a date idea, a weekend activity to occupy your afternoon.

Jam Art at My Art Space, 22 Tanjong Pagar Rd level 4.
Paint, brushes and canvas are provided for a fee. Professional help is provided at a minimum. Artists with a laid-back attitude, they wave their hands and ask you to "chill, don't be perfect, that's art."
 Call to enquire beforehand, i'm not too sure about the prices, hours and such. I hear it's $50 to paint, sip wine and nibble cheese for 2 hours. PrĂ©tendre.
If you go alone, you may meet a potential lover over nibbles or art. Like those Hollywood films where romance starts in a library or a bookstore.
Sparks at first bite with Yongwei

I haven't painted since 12. Inspired by smoke breaks that people take so often, a healthier break is to replace a ciggie with a chocolate stick! Eat in moderation, of course. Not forgetting a sexy mole.

Alvin, a talented writer from SPH and artist, drew this for his wife who is expecting a little one. His painting reminds me of this:
This is an ad from 15 years ago.
If you remember this ad, along with teletubbies which is aired 10 years ago.
The oldest Spice girl is now 38 and Backstreet Boys 39.
There haven't been a new Goosebumps title in 14 years.
The Macareena is 16 years old.

You're over the hill.

Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat. Carpe Diem!

Photo credits: & Alvinology

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