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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Phuket in Summary

Phuket was hit by the devasting Tsunami many years back. It's commendable how fast this island has recovered from the unfortunate event. The Thais are still happy, friendly and speak English with a nasal voice.
Flip flops was the ONLY footware i ever wore. I also bought Havianas, fake of course, for $6.60 (bargained from $14). 
 Having your accomodation right on the beach is aplenty.
 However, it isn't 5 star facilities within. Pretty much basic.
 Phuket is infested with Caucasians. Even the Muay Thai boxers are Ang Mohs, the irony.
 Phuket is also sin city.
The sex trade is booming as well as banging. I have heard so much about the Ping Pong show in Thailand that i just HAD to see it with my own eyes. We did, the moment we touched down. Along Bangla Road, there is Ago-Go bars aplenty. You should be paying about SGD 20 for a drink. However, they try to lure you in by asking for $40 first. A drink allows you to sit in the bar and watch the 'show'. The show consists of ancient Thai women who perform fanny stunts. This is the part whereby they defy misconceptions that the older you get, the looser you are. The main attraction are their fannies, they pull out razor blades, shoot darts and squeeze out small LIVE animals (hamster, birds, fishes).

In between, there are strip shows (down to nothing!). It's quite a novelty to watch and observe men's behaviour in such a bar. When the strip tease came on, i saw a man licking his lips, darting in and out. The ancient Thai woman mis-aimed the ping pong and it flew to the audience. It was hilarious seeing how all the men dodged as the ball got flung. You would think men who're all about pussies would clamour for such a ball like a coveted baseball? Guess not. This is a MUST-DO to anyone visiting Thailand.

Check my twitter updates if you want more bite sized info about the Ago-Go bars:

 Alcohol is ridiculously cheap, at night the drunkards walk.
So much so that the Thais feel a need to put up signs to remind party crazy tourists. These are meant to be read while sober.
Other than being notorious for the sex trade, Thailand's jails are also notorious.
 Full Moon parties continue even without a full moon. On Phi Phi island, there is a beach party EVERY night. The party atmosphere is like no other, as we play games like Limbo Rock and Jumping Rope.
After awhile, i wonder if such signs are meant to be a joke. This one says Drunk People Crossing.
 Not very good at feigning drunk. I've not experienced that before.

 Food is not ridiculously cheap in Phuket. Everything starts at about SGD 3 and we spent about $10 per person each time for what you'll eat at Thai Express.

 Dinner time is always a romantic affair as it's always by the beach and by candlelight.
 i LOVE the pancakes. It's actually roti prata, except i have it with banana and Nutella. Death defying combo.
Sunblock is utmost importance, and remember to reapply whenever you can.

 Phuket has pristine waters and i did my first night dive there. I was hoping to see dead people because of the Tsunami but the only fright i got was when a huge Barracuda swam past me.

We paid $5 for these lanterns to be released into the night, hoping it'll take our wishes up to the Heavens.
Massage, shop, dive, eat drink and be merry.


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