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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Alter Ego

I'm not a clubbing fan, but when there's a themed event...i'm coaxed to go. Attica at Clarke Quay is infamous for its erm, "target audience". Judgement aside, it does throw some wicked parties. Because well, their "target audience" are the unreserved, wild, fun crowd.
It was their 6th anniversary (Sluttica's been around so long!) and this time we're encouraged to come dressed as our alter egos.
Please please please say you know what i am. I found out that the Asians got me spot-on but the Ang Mohs are abit clueless. They do know of the Street Fighters, but they don't know the individual characters. So much for the yellow fevered patrons in Attica. You'd think they'll be fantasizing about Chun Li when far away fiddling their joy sticks in America. Or maybe i was a poor impersonation. After all, the REAL Chun Li is supposed to look like this:
I picked Chun Li as my alter ego because i am passionately proud of my Asian roots, at the same time i really love martial arts. I really don't think Capcom made Chun Li out to be slutty, although her costume shows alot of thigh.. they're MUSCULAR thighs (her signature move is helicopter kick, no less). However, when you google, more often than not, the Chun Lis i get are such versions:
Oh wait, they're titled Chunli_Hentai. That explains why...Hentai is the porn version of animation (created by Japanese, no surprise). I can't quite understand how some men can get off with porn anima.
So back to the party. Well, surprisingly most girls are not dressed outrageously slutty, despite Attica being known for such. So you see, we really shouldn't have prejudices in life.
Bumble Bee was impressive, but Predator was AWESOME!
I wonder if they smile underneath those masks when taking pictures. Most of them unmasked are really bespectacled geeks! So like i said before, to attract babes get a
a) dog (puppy extra points)
b) costume
c) a cute baby (but make sure it's not yours)
& i love events that ain't just a clubbing thing. Kumar opened the event with a 15 min gig. I adore his jokes and antics. I once heard him at 3 Monkeys in Orchard Towers, he claims he is the government of the prostitutes there, in charge of "internal affairs" (points at crotch). He resuses some jokes, but he makes an effort to customise events. I.E emphasizing on SPGS. I love his line about Cock-in-Asians (Caucasians).

I hear he costs 3.5K for a 15 min gig. *whistles* If i ever have a wedding dinner, i'll invite him as my entertainer. The uncles & aunties will faint, but it's MY wedding, i want to laugh till my make-up crack. I need to have a disclaimer on my invite then, "Any guests with a weak heart or heart conditions, please be advised you are attending at your own risk. If you decide not to attend, please give an ang bao anyway."
A kiddo Michael Jackson impersonator, he's pretty good. Then they also had strip tease dancers on the podiums, Attica realy knows how to throw a good party, true to its nature.
and i've learnt to put on zero make-up when clubbing. Because in the dark, no one can really see. Bonus, when you get home, you're in bed 15 minutes faster.

P.S This is a heart felt note to A.S who nominated me as Best Modelling Blog on Omy Awards. I tried emailing you, but it bounced back. I really didn't think my blog would be bookmarked, revisted over and over again by strangers. It really is encouraging and flattering. Well, i hate asking people to vote, the process is too troublesome (registering and all), but if i do win that Hong Kong trip, i'll let you know if Cecila Cheung's bush is representative of all Hong Kongers .

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