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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happily Ever After?

Last night i was finally invited by OMy & UIP for a preview of Shrek Forever After. Guess who did i walk the red carpet with?
It was in 3D, no less.
When 3D first came out, i was all for the experience. But after watching it couple of times with numerous titles, my verdict was 3D in cinemas pale in comparision to 3D in theme parks. Thus i stopped paying extra for 3D in cinemas. But in my personal opinion, 3D is recommended for Shrek because there're quite afew scenes in Forever After whereby horses gallop towards you. Plus there's a huge emphasis on witches this time, so expect potions and what-nots flying towards you.

Tip to watching 3D, sit closer to screen in the middle instead of the usual back aisle seat.
We were pretty amused that in the goodie bag was Nestle cornflakes. No popcorn, eat Koko Krunch. Which is healthier, really?
I never liked watching cartoons in the cinema. I know animation costs as much as a action film to produce, but my mentality is stucked in knowing cartoons can be watched FOC on national TV. But Shrek is my favourite animated film thus far. Normally we would be disappointed with sequels, but Shrek is one title that never fails to deliver. This time, Shrek feels trapped with his routine (living happily ever after), that he signs a magical contract to trade one day of his mundane life to become the Ogre he was once feared (which comes with peace from screaming babies and adoring fans). Little did he know that one day chosen was the day he was born, which brings him to an alternate universe where history is changed and Shrek doesn't exist.

I like it that it sounds very much like reality and not imaginative plots like training dragons, villian after kungfu scroll etc. WE often wish we're someone else and/or doing something else when right in front of us we've family and friends who adore us, when life could be much worse than our fate for someone else.

Shrek has chest hair, by the way.
Shrek and Fiona are not my favourite characters. Simply because they're not pretty things. Yet they make them into toys. They remind me of teletubbies, they're scary.
Will you really want to collect them all??
Shrek was really entertaining and funny. I enjoyed every second of it. Those Yami yogurt spoons came in handy.
It says the Final Chapter, are you really sure you want to miss it?

P.S Prequels/ Sequels to come:
Kungfu Panda: June 2011
Puss in Boots: March 2012
Madagascar 3: May 2012

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