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Monday, August 25, 2008

Takashimaya at 10AM

Siping invited me to visit Takashimaya at 10am. What a good friend! Because i got to see something i've never seen before (i don't wake up to go shopping at 10am in Singapore).

Look!At 9.55am, all the staff gather and stand seriously straight at their counters.

Can you see?? The girl is already bowing to the door before it is even opened!! Apparantly, all Japanese stores are like that. And Japanese companies conduct daily morning exercise without fail, everyday! Even in Singapore, and not just in Japan. DX, is that why your dad is still so virile? Hahahahaha......

My knees are full of bruises, because of all the floorwork we had to do in dance class yesterday. And it dawned upon me yesterday that why are humans so complicated!!!

I'm an open book really. I don't like to hide, i don't like to lie. I can't lie anyway. He always catches me bluff. I'm a lousy actress.

I like knowing, because i can handle the truth (truth hurts, but i will find a way round it). Alot of my friends will rather not know, not find out. But i can't. I need to, i want to.

I learnt alot about myself recently. But i'm still figuring out who i am, what i want in life.

I've been taken out to fine dine alot recently. And although i do enjoy dressing over the top, putting on my heels and getting doors opened, i realised that with such, brings pressure.

Its the person you're facing really. So although yes, i like being treated like a princess. But a princess needs to watch her words, watch her manners, watch her every move.

Yet then again, the pauper doesn't treat you right, but you can totally be yourself.

So what gives? I need to figure myself out more.

My smile masks my tears, my laughter masks my hurt.

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