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Monday, August 25, 2008

Flambé at Hyatt

Liquer, liquer, lots of liquer.


No wonder i felt sleepy while Mad About English was playing. All that liquer in the desserts made at our table! It was $28++ for non stop fire play, and you eat to your heart's content. I must say i'm not quite a dessert for dinner person though. I still need food, dessert comes after food. Not 3 main desserts as food. I had crepes, berries, chocolate, ice cream and more ice cream as dinner that night.

Mad About English was....interesting choice for a movie, however. Its about China's mad rush in learning English in preparation for the Olympics. Very appropriate, very timely, excellent conceptualisation but no, i wouldn't pay for it. Will be fantastic if it can be on free-to-air though, great education.

China has got such hardworking people. No wonder they're becoming the powerhouse. People in their 80s are also in the mad rush to learn English. So they can do their nation proud by being able to communicate when the foreigners visit. You admire them for their unity.

They have English intensive camps for the youths. With rave parties and rally speeches as part of the camp programme line-up. Children as young as 8 join teenagers as old as 20 (maybe), and they practise English day and night, literally. Thousands of them, pumping their fists in the air, chanting " Speak good English, speak good English."

I like the Policeman who can speak with multiple accents (too many Hollywood movies) and the ridiculously cute female 90 year old physician who recites funny medical terms in English.

"There is something wrong with your anus."

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